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Zen inspired decor tips

by emily

in Design & Trends, Features, Lifestyle, Variety


When walking into a Zen inspired room it’s peaceful to the eye and refreshing to the mind. Zen aesthetic environments are about clear, open or even empty spaces which feature concealed storage and minimal decoration. But the most prominent is a Japanese touch which can be either traditional or contemporary.


Elements of Zen design


The aim for Zen decor and design is to have a peaceful feel that looks good without the room looking dressed up. Incorporate the following elements in your home to have a Zen-feel to it:

  • Have clean straight lines that aren’t not visually busy.
  • Your rooms need built-in, concealed storage spaces.
  • No clutter; open clear spaces.
  • Neutral, unfussy materials.
  • Nothing that screams high-maintenance or lavish. Simple, yet elegant furnishings will do.
  • Pastel, low-impact colours which are inspired by nature and only have a subtle pattern.


Peaceful elements to occupy your space


Your room should have a peaceful focal point such as a piece of driftwood, a bowl of pebbles, a single flower, a picture of a waterfall or seascape.


Getting started


Start with your walls. The colour palette to use should incorporate calm, quiet colours such as neutrals, water and earth tones. Once your walls are painted, the inspiration of Zen will come naturally. Gradually take away all clutter such as small decorative pieces, anything you don’t use, anything with an over-the-top pattern and area rugs, especially if they’re colorful and eye-catching.


Clear all surface spaces


Remove anything that is on the walls, tables and furniture. Minimalism is key to having the right effect. You may feel Zen interior design is a fairly conservative concept, but it doesn’t have to be. You could start with one area only such as your bathroom or dining room. Get a feel for Zen interior as you incorporate Zen elements into your bathroom sets. This will give you a tiny bit of insight to how you’d actually feel if your entire home had these elements.


Surface spaces play a vital role in the conception of starting this process. Your space should hold nothing that demands your attention. All you basically need is a clear, calm, empty space to rest your eyes on. You may feel out of place at first, but slowly you’ll start to feel a release of energy as there will be nothing to occupy your senses.




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