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WISE GUY: Political Sweetners are no Jackpot

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Wise Guy

When looking at the $950 “supposed” stimuli cheques that the Federal Government has sent to out to millions of Australians, it’s hard not to wonder if the money could have been better spent. To my way of thinking the $950 payments did nothing but encourage the outrageous and out of control spending that has contributed so much to the current problems we face in the world.

In other words the Government gave away billions of dollars, allowed people to increase their spending and artificially increased total levels of consumer spending – this hides the real state of the economy, increases our Public debt and most importantly has not helped in any way to educate the greater population that their unsustainable spending habits must change and must change immediately.


I’ve written previously that “politics are everywhere” and the more I read, listen to and watch our spin doctors on both sides of the political fence, the less confidence I have that they are truly acting in the best interests of the nation. The “cash splash” as it has been called by some, will not result in long term improvements to infrastructure and will not create jobs – to me it was a very costly sweetener that ultimately will fade away benefiting no sector – especially the real estate and property market.

Unlike the United States which has a fixed 4 year term for the President, our Prime Minister must go to the polls with his or her party every 3 years. They can call an election earlier if they believe it will benefit their re-election chances. This results in one year of action, one year of poll watching and steadying for an election and the final year is spent in unofficial election mode – all of this is not in our country’s interest.

Until our Government has a truly long term view of its responsibilities and acts in the long term interest of the nation, we cannot possibly rely on our politicians to make the best decisions. With political scandal rocking the United Kingdom it might be the right time to examine our political system. I’m not against paying our Politicians well (it’s the way to attract the best people to political careers), but we must demand results and demand them for the full term for which they were elected.

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