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Why You Want to Focus on New Homes Sales vs. Old Homes

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Investing in Property, Resources, Variety

The idea of anyone wanting to buy a home is a great one that makes sense across the spectrum. People need space, but they also have a plethora of reasons why that space should be their own and in the shape and fashion that they prefer. That being said, if you notice the focus and the trend that has been on new home sales as of recently (according to RisMedia), the questions start to be asked regarding why some people chose new houses versus older ones. Take these ideas into consideration when you are thinking about why people choose new properties, and why you should possibly do the same.

Structural Issues

Even though many properties in the past were built on solid foundations, the Earth is a living and breathing thing. The dirt and ground itself may not fully move, but over time things shift. As the seasons change, the ground can move. There are also potential issues with trees and roots, underground shifts, and even drainage. This just happens naturally and it is always occurring. When you compound this natural phenomenon over multiple decades or even hundreds of years then it only makes sense why you would want to be sure the foundation of a house is done properly and to the fullest of new technology.

If you purchase an old one that not only could it have structural problems but it could also be built with technology from the last century (if not multiple centuries ago). For some buyers, it may not be the worst thing in the world. However, take into consideration that you will end up purchasing a property that was built with materials, compliance, and craftsmanship that is outdated by a hundred years. It makes sense to consider the quality of the work so you don’t have to pay a fortune to fix someone else’s mistakes.

Energy Efficiency

The world may not be fully on board when it comes to energy efficient homes, but the times are changing, according to the Alliance to Save Energy. With skyrocketing energy costs, it is truly a wonder how some people are paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars each and every month. If you buy a new house then it will already come with top of the line insulation, energy efficient windows, and every other thing you can think of under the sun from skylights and southern facing windows to thicker gaskets to keep the heat and cold on the right sides of the walls.

New Home

Breakdown of Major Components

Some components in a property are designed to get old with time and it only makes sense that people will change them because of tastes and preferences. In fact, it is almost the norm that things like appliances, carpeting or flooring, and even the paint on the walls will need some updating. However, when you are searching for a house that is old and has been lived in, you don’t know how many years (or days) it will take until a pipe bursts behind a wall or a roof fails allowing rainwater to come in. This isn’t to say that you are going to have problems with every home, but a brand new home will come with brand new furnishings as well as warranties to ensure your house will be secure.

Instead of rolling the dice with your property and your belongings, perhaps it does make more sense to search for new home sales using DDProperty. You not only know what you will be getting when you look at the house, but you will also avoid any unwanted failures or surprises as well.

General Cleanliness

Even though you have to assume every home is going to have some problems, you really can’t look behind the walls and know exactly what is inside of a property unless you spend considerable time, energy, and money to inspect beyond the normal checklist of items. According to Greatist, an old property could have bugs, rodents, mold, and even dry rot or corrosion all around it. It could also have problems from the prior owners or even the owners before them that have yet to rear their ugly heads. The fact of the matter is you don’t know what you are getting when it comes to someone else’s property, so it may be a bit safer to work with the new home sales and pick up a house that has never had another resident living inside of it.

Your property will be your choice and it obviously has to fit your needs. However, it is extremely important to make sure that you get what you pay for and nothing else. No one needs any surprises when they have a new house and you also don’t want to get something that could ruin your belongings or even put your safety in jeopardy. Perhaps it makes more sense to simply consider doing everything new so you know what you are getting from the beginning.


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