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Where to Invest in Real Estate in the United States

by Marquette Turner

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The United States is a wide and varied market when it comes to real estate.

Thus, despite the Global Financial Crisis, hot spots exist.  Generally these are based on those locations that possess strong regional economies and the brightest opportunities for job growth.  Unsurprisingly, employment is the primary economic indicator for a strong American housing market.

Housing Predictor‘s top ten markets possess all of the above factors.

1.    Huntsville, AL (In excess of 10,000 new jobs due to the federal government’s Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) program.  The city is also a major NASA hub)

2.    Austin, TX (Excellent technological growth)

3.    Little Rock, AR (whilst no stranger to the pains of the Global Financial Crisis, Little Rock has weathered the storm well)

4.    Lawrence, KS (During financial downturns, more students enroll for college degrees, and as a large college city, Lawrence is reaping the benefits)

5.    Auburn, AL (same as Lawrence, KS)

6.    Raleigh, NC (affordable housing prices, and a diversified regional economy have lead to general positive population growth)

7.    Monroe, LA (the farming industry has created many new jobs)

8.    Billings, MT ( a well diversified economy and the largest city in the state)

9.    Loveland, CO

10.  Las Cruces, NM (the “friendliest” city in the country to start a new business)

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Of course, just because these cities have been named as hotspots doesn’t change the fact that the fundamentals of purchasing real estate should be ignored.  Buying any property in these cities is NOT a get-rich-quick guarantee.

Similarly, there are great buys to have in many cities not named above.  Do your research and purchase for the right reasons and, in the long-term, the future will be bright.

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