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What your decor says about you

by emily

in Variety


The moment visitors step inside your home they examine your taste in decor. The portrait on your wall may symbolise your deep understanding for art or it may indicate that you are a deep thinker. Furniture choices, decorative features and the colour of your walls all form as a  reflection of your personality. Bright, bold colours and accents may indicate that you’re an extrovert, while soft tones may indicate that you’re a mellow type of person.


The sophisticated home with a touch of comfort


A casual, yet sophisticated home, is for the person who loves style, but wants comfort too. This homeowner will have expensive taste particularly in decor that is stylish but not impractical. You won’t find brightly coloured lounge suites with an abundance of patterns. Instead, this owner will stick with tones that are soothing and soft to the eye. They appreciate the finer things in life, but will never overdo it by choosing dramatic  pieces.


A home defined by glamour and luxury


This homeowner prefers luxury items that speak to their taste. You will find them enjoying fine dining and socialising with an elite community. Their homes are filled with luxurious decor and furnishings. This homeowner’s decor taste speaks volumes as expensive taste can often mean good quality products. Their space is packed with expensive items that shows quality and character,such as Egyptian linen They can’t help but love textures that feel soft and have a silky feel to them. Luxury and glamour is the language of this homeowner.


The minimalistic homeowner  


This is the kind of person who is very laid-back. Minimalism is seen throughout their home and they will choose comfort above luxury. Their decor style is practical – everything that’s in their home, they will use. You will most likely see a portrait or two with minimal decorative features. You won’t find this homeowner splurging on luxury items and you won’t find clutter in their homes either.


The homeowner who lives in a time capsule


This homeowner loves decor features that are classic and timeless. You will often find them at thrift shops or busy with their own DIY projects. They are creatives who can take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Their homes are fascinating and unique, with decor pieces from the 60’s or 70’s. Their style is casual, eclectic vintage and their homes are usually full of quality items that last a lifetime.


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