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What Women Want: Guess Who Makes the Investment Decisions!

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

A survey by Suncorp Metway has uncovered that women make most of the big decisions when it comes to investing in property.

A staggering 85 per cent of all purchasing decisions are influenced by a female despite the findings that most women are ignored during the purchasing process.

Real estate agents and mortgage lenders seem to think that women who come along are just there to support their partner meaning that they are treated fairly poorly.

Quite simply, anyone ignores a woman at their peril, as they can make or break a transaction. And reversely, any woman that finds she is being ignored or that the agent is looking to her husband for approval can also potentially use this to their advantage. She can be silently but deadly, her moves poorly followed.

The investigation also showed that women tend to research more when it comes to buying, meaning they’re more likely to find a good balance between their head and their heart.

They are most interested in features of the property, such as living areas, number and size of bedrooms, kitchen appliances, and off-street parking with the ultimate deciding factors being the size of the block or house, overall aesthetics and proximity to amenities.

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