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What Luxury Buyers are Looking for in Your Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Real Estate Radar, Resources, Variety

When a prospective buyer of a home is equated above the normal price levels prevailing in the property market he or she could be identified as a luxury home buyer.

This buyer could be more discerning than the rest of the average home buyers because the home that he or she would intend to buy would need to cater to some very demanding requirements.

It is only if these demands are met would the luxury home buyer even consider visiting the site or home and taking a look at the property and to do so the price should be above average and the home should be great to suit their taste.

To offer a luxury home to a buyer there are certain criteria that would need to be associated with the property, primary among them would be the location.

A luxury home would need to be in an exclusive neighborhood if it is not so then the label of luxury would be difficult to pin on it, even though it might have some of the luxury trappings that such homes would generally have.

If you are beaten on the location and neighborhood and are unable to offer one conducive to the buyer it would still be a challenge to offer a home with all luxuries associated with such a living provided the home has something special in it.

Floor layout

The trend in modern architectural design is to have as many open spaces as possible in homes thus providing ample natural light to filter through whilst keeping the harsh realities of the Sun oblivious to the inside.

It is also a feature commonly used to have high ceilings which would give a much voluminous look to the interior rather than having a compact and constrained look.

The color schemes employed in the interior would invariably be lighter in shade allowing a much more virtual and visual look of an airy and spacious environ inside.

Tall, wide windows and doors would also enhance the idea of spaciousness, which coupled with the open spaces would provide the right ambiance that any luxury home buyer would look for and be enamored with at first glance.

Elegant finishes

The finishing should be exquisite and nothing less because crude workmanship at eye level would give the luxury home buyer the impression that, if what is seen could be below standard the unseen could be worse.

It is minute details which would need to be concentrated on because first impressions matter and decisions could be swayed from what is absorbed at that instantaneous moment.

Walking around the luxury home, a buyer would never miss the little intricacies like the countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, the fixing of bathroom fittings and electrical fixtures.

A lighting switch slightly tilted would not be a good omen if you are the seller, perfection would be the order of the moment if you are to convince the luxury home buyer that what you have on offer is the best he would get.

The finishing materials that would be used could also provide the right impression especially the floor which could be elegant with wood or such similar natural materials rather than the usual tiles and other artificial floorings.

Efficient use of energy

Energy consumption is also a very important aspect which is more fashionable rather than an economic option because those opting to buy a luxury home would have the capacity to pay their energy bills.

The use of energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems are a chic thing to have in any home which is a very obvious conversational subject when visitors are entertained by the homeowner.

The world is obsessed with the environment and it is a very much spoken of the subject in many forums and would be a feather in the cap for the homeowner if he or she would display concerns for the environment with such contributions.


Convenient appliances

Luxury homes are offered today to the buyers just walking in with their suitcases to take up residence rather than trouble themselves finding which appliances they would need to make their lives comfortable.

It is imperative that your home comes equipped with all the required home appliances that would be hand in glove with the overall luxury offered with the home.

The appliances should be from the best manufacturers and cut corners on such frivolous a subject would not bode well hence offering top of the range products would enhance the first impression that you would like to project.

Smart Home amenities

Smart Homes are the order of the era we live in and with the proliferation of smartphones, there are many amenities that have become convenient to attend to at the tip of our fingertips hence offering such facilities would enhance the value.

The possibilities are immense and most homes today that are categorized as luxury would need to have these amenities incorporated into it which would make life easier for those who would take abode in the luxury home.

Smart Homes would not be considered a luxury but are a package of convenience especially in the modern busy era we live in with very little time on our hands to attend to the daily chores in our homes.

From having your floor vacuumed to keeping the home either cool or comfortably warm when you return all with the use of your smartphone is what would add to the tag of luxury that you would like to project.

Other luxuries

There are many other luxury fittings that could propel your luxury home when you offer it to a discerning luxury home buyer and the more additions you could make it would only help to sell the home faster.

Luxury home buyers are very choosy and that is a human trait, which if you are to counter, it is imperative that what you offer should be the best and nothing less, at the value you may try to sell it off.

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