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What is the Point of Having a Website that Nobody Looks at?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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In the internet age the number of websites is exploding every day. There are people posting all sorts of things on the web and in the World of real estate brokers and agencies are making claims about the quality of their websites. Some say that their website is a major selling tool while others focus on how good their website looks in the hope of getting more business.

So how do you work out who to trust? I have heard all sorts of stories but I can’t go past the fact that if nobody is viewing a website it is almost worthless. The most “pretty” website in the World has no value if people aren’t logging into it. Just like a news article that has no viewers or a book that is never read – a website is much the same.

There are several systems that monitor website traffic around the World. Alexa.com is one of the more respected web information companies which can tell you where a site is ranked in the World and in each country. You can easily see which sites are being viewed, ignored and of course talked up without substance. It’s a great way to sort through who to trust.

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MarquetteTurner.com is the 2nd Most Viewed Luxury Real Estate Agency Website in the World. Enormous amounts of work go into achieving such enormous reach and it’s something we are very proud of. There is so much more to a successful website than simply “looking good” in ensuring that every home receives maximum World wide exposure.


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