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What Generation Gap? The Young & The Old Have Similar Career Objectives

by Marquette Turner

in Eco-Living, News & Views

Staffing firm Robert Half International is throwing cold water on the widely held perception that Generation Y workers have different concerns and wants from those of older workers.

According to research by Half and Yahoo HotJobs, younger employees “share many of the same concerns as more tenured workers when it comes to saving for retirement, finding a solid health care plan and achieving work/life balance.”

Where the divide apparently surfaces is in what these newcomers expect from company leaders. In fact, they rated “working with a boss they respect and can learn from as the most important aspect of their work environment, ahead of having a nice office space, a short commute or working for a socially responsible company.”

About 60 percent of Gen Y’ers also expect to have meaningful interaction with their managers “at least once a day.”

Christine Watson christine@marquetteturner.com.au

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