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What Does it Take to Create a Luxury Hotel That is Affordable for Customers?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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These days there is a fine line between making a business more stylish and being cost effective in the process. It is the type of thing that constantly challenges owners and managers and often leaves them scratching their heads for answers. It is no different when it comes to making a hotel appear more luxurious and stylish, yet doing it in an affordable way that makes it easy on the patrons’ budget too.

In a recent news video on www.bloomberg.com, hotel chain Moxy explained how they are planning to create an affordable yet luxury hotel in New York City. Here they give some further tips.

The Moxy Philosophy

Moxy uses a simple philosophy when it comes to making their new hotel projects appear stylish and luxurious without going to great cost in the process. Even though they admit that their rooms will be slightly small in size, they say that size is relative, especially if the hotel is both stylish and functional in two main areas. Those areas of emphasis are the rooms and the lobby of each hotel.

What does it take to create an affordable luxury hotel - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

The Lobby

The lobby is important because it is the second most trafficked area in a hotel after a customer’s room. It is also the area where the most social interaction between guests takes place. Since the lobby is trafficked by both people on business and by recreational travelers, the lobby must serve each group’s needs at the same time

Business customers should have access to computer terminals, printers and fax machines to take care of any last minute details as they prepare for their business meetings. Recreational travelers will need such things as plush, comfortable seating, a peaceful setting with plants and fountains, gentle background music and plenty of power outlets to help them charge and use the assortment of smart devices that they carry these days.

The Rooms

Moxy’s management believes that each hotel patron demands three main things in order to feel they had a luxurious experience in a hotel room where they have stayed; these are a comfortable bed, a pleasurable bathing experience and access to the latest technologies at their fingertips. If these three areas are addressed it matters little if expensive art is hanging on the walls or if there are dispensers in the bathroom for soap and shampoo.

Bathtubs can be installed that have some inexpensive whirlpool jetting functions and such things as waterfall showerheads will also add to the customer experience without adding significant extra costs. There are also big strides being made in the area of greywater recycling that can save a hotel a considerable amount of money and help them keep prices low at the same time. It is essential that each room has a strong Wi-Fi signal in this day and age and things such as the TV, lights and television can be controlled easily from the bed.

Even in an expensive city like New York it is possible to create a hotel that is affordable for customers. So if you are setting up in a large city, keep these tips in mind.

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