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What Can Negatively Impact Curb Appeal?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Real Estate Radar, Variety

Curb appeal is simply the way your property looks at first glance. This is important whether you are looking to sell, buy or simply make the most of your property.

Curb appeal isn’t just to ensure any visitor has the right impression of your home. It should also give you a sense of pride and satisfaction when you arrive home each day.

While you can do a lot of things, including contacting a respected and experienced home renovation specialist such as Peter Bracey; there are some things that don’t need improving. You simply need to be aware that they can negatively impact your curb appeal.

Luxury Home

Your Neighbors

Before anyone gets to your hoe they will pass the other houses in your neighborhood. This will give them a feel for the area before they even see your home. If several of the other houses are looking tired then the overall impression is of a neighborhood that is struggling. That’s not a desirable place to live.

Unfortunately no matter how good your property looks this will have a negative impact on your curb appeal; especially if your direct neighbor keeps an untidy house.

Garden Work Needs Doing

The garden is a valuable part of any property but it can also be time consuming getting it right and staying on top of it. The grass and weeds seem to constantly grow. This can lead to an unkempt look.

If you don’t have the time to stay on top of the lawn yourself then you need to look into a gardening contractor who can take care of it for you.


Lack Of Maintenance

Giving your property a fresh coat of paint or even cladding it can transform the building. But, by itself this is not enough to dramatically boost your curb appeal.

If you’ve done this but failed to maintain your gutters and have them overflowing, downpipes blocked or even the whole setup looking like it’s about to fall down then you have a problem. This is what the visitor will see first and it will negatively affect your curb appeal. In fact the pristine cladding will actually highlight the issue.

You need to look at your property and take care of all the maintenance tasks to ensure it looks as good as possible. This isn’t just to improve the curb appeal. It will also help your property to last for more years and can even reduce your energy bills.


If you have children’s toys, gardening tools and other items scattered across your yard then your house will look cluttered. This is a negative impact on curb appeal.

It is also something that can be quickly and easily transformed. Simply create a home for all these items and make sure they are in their homes when not in use.

The Small Details

Things that are often overlooked but very important to curb appeal are the mail box, the house numbers and even the path to the front door. These need to be renewed in order to maximize your curb appeal.

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