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World Vision

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For many years I supported Jemima from Tanzania. Regularly I received letters and cards from her, which have always had a recent photograph of her. Over the years, I’ve always displayed her photograph on my desk and shared her stories of her growing up in her village.

I recently received a letter telling me how my support had helped Jemima’s community develop the confidence, skills and experience to continue building on its self-reliance. The letter also stated how enrollments had increased for children going from primary to secondary school, the HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns increased the children’s knowledge about the virus and its prevention, two new health clinics had been built, malnutrition levels were on the decline, the training of farmers to manage agricultural yields had been successful and women had learned how to manage goat herds and chickens.

Jemima has reached her achievements and is now leaving the World Vision program. World Vision attached a card for me to sign wishing her well. The card read: “Dear Jemima, I’ve enjoyed being your sponsor and supporting you through the challenges you and your family have faced so well. Even though we must say farewell, always remember how special you are. I wish you good health and happiness.” The message was also written in her own language.

When one door closes, another always opens. It is very sad to say farewell to Jemima after nearly ten years. It is also very inspiring. I have now welcomed Hamisi, also from Tanzania. He was born in May 2003, does not attend school and lives with family. He has no parents or siblings. Our journey together through World Vision has just begun.

World Vision is a remarkable organization, set up to assist children who struggle to survive in their community.

Michael Marquette

Can you sponsor an underprivileged child? Visit their website: http://www.worldvision.org/

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