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We Support

As a company with a substantial focus in the sometimes giddy world of high-net-worth individual’s, we gain a glimpse into their lives – sometimes we only skim the surface, whereas other times we gain a far more in-depth insight.

In the simplest manner, our philanthropic efforts are focused on assisting and encouraging people in developing nations to nurture their “home“ and their “lives”. We often use the phrase “Luxury is…™” and very purposely try not to define what “Luxury is…™” to an individual but leave it up to ones own personal thought process: for instance, for some people “Luxury is..™” a vast estate, to another it may be shelter. Or, the polar opposite of Luxury being the finest bottle of vintage wine in comparison to clean and easy availability of drinking water.

This has led us to regularly donate and lend a significant proportion of our annual revenues to organizations and individuals worldwide on the flip side to what our core business is displayed as.

We obviously cannot support every good cause that comes our way. In choosing three organizations to regularly support and make a commitment, we also try to raise awareness of other good causes (read great causes!) that we become aware of, and we invite you to let us know who you support so that we can spread the word. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you ARE making a difference and please keep on keeping on: change for the better starts at the individual.

Simon Turner & Michael Marquette

Our Three Causes


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