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Water Shortage Means Added Value

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Eco-Living, Real Estate Radar

ADDING water-saving features to your home will also add value to your property, particularly as water shortages and restrictions are almost inevitable these days.

Water-saving features can add up to $5000 to the value of typical Sydney homes.
It also allows people to do “their bit” for the environment.
This is a clear sign that people are recognising the importance of conserving water not only for the environment but in terms of saving money in water bills.
On a personal note, my country home in country New South Wales runs purely on tank water. This was a conscious decision and coincided with the launch of Marquette Turner’s environmental program, Clear The Air.
Our tanks are currently full, and we are about to get a third: proof that a simple but well fitted catchment system is more than adequate given the average rainfall that is typical on an annual basis.
And having grown up in the city, when you know that you only have a limited source of water (ie. the tanks), one learns very fast how to conserve it. The bigger picture also becomes much clearer. Water is indeed very precious.

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