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USA Housing Starts Are Beating Market Predictions – Property Design Trends Vary By Region

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Features, Real Estate Radar, Variety

USA housing starts for January 2020 came in at 1.425 million and beat market predictions, according to Trading Economics, so plenty of new homes are being constructed, and these private residences feature design trends that vary from region to region. Prospective homebuyers who want to hunt for new residential properties will benefit from knowing which property design features and trends are popular in their areas. Since plenty of new properties are being listed and potential buyers need to narrow the field, this guide will provide a convenient and interesting overview that helps prospective homebuyers to make wise buying decisions.

What’s popular in Miami? 

Lots of Americans choose to put down roots in sunny Miami when they hit retirement age, and you may be planning to do the same. If so, you should know that Miami home buyers are looking for properties with features that allow them to enjoy beach living with ultimate ease. For example, many properties built in the area feature exterior showers, which make it easy for homeowners to clean up after getting sandy and wet at local beaches.

Other Miami property design trends include porches that provide shade and allow for outdoor entertaining, as well as windows made from impact-resistant materials. These windows are tough enough to withstand some types of harsh Florida weather. Homebuyers may want to choose builders who offer them customization options. Whether you decide to purchase in Miami, go for new homes in Delaware, choose a Hawaii getaway, or buy anywhere else in the USA, you should know that companies have design centers where company reps help homebuyers to choose the right features for their new builds. When homebuyers go this route, they’ll have choices and be able to select region-specific design elements that fit their lifestyles. 

House amongst trees - Photo by Rob Tol on Unsplash - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Photo by Rob Tol on Unsplash

Earth tones are favored in mountain regions

In mountain regions, such as the Rockies, exterior home features tend to echo the beauty of nature. It’s quite common to see new builds finished with earth-toned facades in brown or green. Beige and grey are also popular choices for siding or other facade materials, such as brick or stone. Another option is homes styled after traditional log cabins, which have modern interior features that belie their rustic looks. Homebuyers in mountain regions also want larger windows that allow them to drink in the beauty of mountain vistas from inside of their homes. Living rooms with big windows that offer panoramic views are popular in mountain region real estate markets. Consumers also want roofs that extend to offer shade in outdoor spaces. 

Shingles are popular in rainy Seattle

In the lush and rainy Pacific Northwest, shingles are common on new builds, and exterior color schemes often feature gray, green and blue. These colors call to mind the beauty of the overcast sky, verdant forest and ocean waters. Craftsman-style homes are perennial favorites, according to the Seattle Times, thanks to their overhanging eaves, exposed beams, foundations covered in stone and roof columns, not to mention their wide porches. 

Researching property design trends in your region will make it simpler to find a new build that’s a perfect match for the area and its lifestyle. It will also be a lot of fun. Living in a home that features design elements that reference the landscape and way of life is one of the keys to really loving a new house. 

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