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Unique Decorating Ideas for Custom Log Cabins and Log Homes

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Features, Real Estate Radar, Variety

Living a cozy lifestyle in a naturally well-crafted log cabin is many couple’s dreams. Not only do you feel encompassed by luscious trees and fresh air, you also have a home away from home. 

Opting for a home that’s built from strong fresh wood amongst tall trees, is a lifestyle change, compared to thick brick houses. It’s only natural that you’d want to decorate the inside of the log cabin to fit its surroundings.

Take for example Mountain Ridge Log Homes, they can build your dream log cabin complete with porch, cozy living areas, and a sensational view. All that is left for you to do is create the perfect interior to compliment your gorgeous new wooden home. 

To inspire your creative side, we’ve put together a unique list of interior design options you can consider when decorating your cabin’s inside. 


Folk-art staples from the early 1900s are perfect as display or functional art around the cabin. To go along with the timeless design of your log cabin incorporate a variety of antique crafts from other centuries. 

A deer cut from wood, a rag rug from a local antique store, or a quilt made by an ancient lady. You can even find second hand furniture that looks washed and old at antique stores or pawn shops.  

Center Pieces

To decorate your wooden dining table, opt for natural centerpieces. Instead of a floral arrangement in a crystal vase, consider a rustic bowl filled with branches and pinecones. Follow through with this decorative idea by incorporating huge pinecones in other holders situated around the room. 

Use fresh pine needles together with evergreen leaves to complete your rustic centerpiece look. 

You can even incorporate a variety of seeds and dried flowers into your arrangements. Change these centerpieces every other week to create fresh looks throughout the year. Click here for some excellent rustic center piece ideas. 

Add an Extra Room

It’s really true that you never can have enough space. Add an extra room to your cabin. The new room can have extra windows to allow a great amount of natural lighting to flow through the entire home. 

Walls that were once part of the exterior now becomes part of the interior. After a few years the exterior walls will have obtained a more weathered look, which will give the interior a unique rustic look. 

Island in the Woods

Most log cabins have a square design. This means that you are really going to have to do some layout planning to make the most of the space given. Why not incorporate an island divider in the kitchen? 

Create a sitting area by using wooden bar stools at the island divider. This creates a separate kitchen area where family and guests can drink some warm hot chocolate and chat, while you cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Bring in Some Pops of Color

Just because you are in the middle of the woods doesn’t mean you have to completely camouflage into the surroundings. Give your log cabin a few pops of color by painting doors and window sills a bright and bold color. 

Use the color as an accent in other areas of the home. A bright colored cushion on a couch, a bold throw on the bed, or a decorative statue on the mantel piece. Adding pops of color will give your log cabin a quirky aesthetic with loads of style. 

Learn more about how to add pops of colors correctly by reading here: https://www.mydomaine.com/how-to-add-color-4767842

Cozy Living Room 

Create a cozy living room by incorporating upholstered ottomans and chairs. Consider re-upholstering old wooden chairs with a country-style fabric of your choice. Incorporate woven blankets into your living room design by rolling them up and putting them on your upholstered chairs. 

A rug is an absolute must to create a comfy and warm living area. Rugs shouldn’t be too small, but rather cover the floor in front of a fireplace. Use wooden side tables to put books or plants on. 

Relaxing Area

Create an extra space in your log cabin where you can read, listen to the nature’s sounds, or just relax. A smaller room away from communal areas will be just perfect. Hang a hammock between wooden beams and cover it in a comfortable throw and pillow. 

Rocking chairs, book cases, and even fluffy poofs will be perfect to help you relax. Make sure this room is situated in a sunny area with loads of natural light and a fresh breeze can flow through. If you like to meditate, put down a circular rug with some incense sticks. Avoid candles – your house is made from wood. 

Even though a log cabin might look quite bland from the outside, you can create a wonderful cozy and unique look inside. Incorporate any of the above mentioned décor ideas for a stylish interior. 

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