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Twelve classy trends to follow when going for minimalistic interior design

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Features, Interior Design, Variety

In the present day and age, it has become quite challenging to avoid trends. House design and interior designing is also affected by specific trends. There are trend considerations for the color of the paint, furniture, and fixtures. Some of these trends are local, whereas some are globally popular. 

The following post is for all those who want a minimalistic interior design for their property.  Minimalism is a global trend and is generally highly popular for designing apartments and nomadic spaces. If you are looking for tranquility in your living space, go minimalistic. After all, there is no other design option that will give you the much-needed breathing room and personal space to unwind after a hard day’s work. 

Here are twelve popular trends to follow when going minimalistic.

Keep the space free of clutter

Let us start with the hardest rule to follow. Every household is filled with oddities and assortments, and this poses the most significant challenge when making a switch to the minimalistic interior design. You might be in love with your possessions but you the only way you can de-clutter your space is by being ruthless. Realize that excess is a burden, and you can free up space in your living quarters. 

Interior design - side table and chair - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

The one in and one out rule

Once you have completed the first step, the next is the avoidance of a re-clutter. Minimalist experts and practitioners all live by a simple rule of one in and one out. This means avoid impulse buys because if you are bringing in a new item, one of your old things needs to go. There cannot be any exceptions. Before you invest in a new piece of furniture, do ask yourself the following.

  • Is it indispensable?
  • Are you ready for the maintenance and the upkeep of the new purchase?

About basic colors

Yes, we assure you, neutral tones can look stunning as well and without much effort. Decorating the interior of your property minimally means you have to go back to the primary color schemes. A classic cream or the grays and even the white coat look fabulous if done right. The neutral palette feels fresher and more relaxing, which means you can rest easy. Style the rest of the room according to the color of the walls. 

Blue is the current trend

The color blue is the current trend all around the world as far as color themes go for a minimally designed house. There are various shades of blue to choose from, including the turquoise and the indigo. But if you want to experiment, you can play around with all the different shades of blue to design a color scheme for your interiors. 

Use the bright and bold colors minimally

No, it doesn’t need to be all whites and shades of grey. If you want to avoid getting bored, then there is a colorful minimalism to go for as well. Think about the colors on ice-cream, the slight strawberry pink or the butterscotch, which will pop up through the minimalistic background. Some of these contrasting colors can co-exist beautifully and paint a pretty picture. Highlight specific parts and furniture of the interior by the power of contrast coloring. 

Attention to quality

Now that we have covered a significant portion about the attention to detail, we need to talk about the attention to quality. Minimalistic interior décor means you have to make do with the least number of furniture and assortments. This means most of the items you own should have high quality starting from blankets to cutlery. If you think about cutting the cost corners with the things you own, then you will find yourself running to the supermarket to re-stock, which means shelling out a lot of money regularly.

Keep in mind the texturing

Minimalistic designs can look cold, drab, and sterile after a while. This is where the texturing comes into play. Different textures and patterns can be used on the neutral palettes and often on the same one. The texture will surely make your living space come alive and look vibrant. 

Go for the Boho styles

Boho style is a traditional look, and it keeps coming back mixed with modern trends that make it worthy of investing. Go for the contemporary Boho style where you can invest in traditional rugs, leather and vintage furniture and wooden furniture, chairs, and tables. Boho might be flashy for some, but a dash of warm and bright color at one corner of the room can make the living quarters stand out. 

About interior plants

You can go green and natural when it comes to the interior décor of your property. An indoor plant not only increases the beauty of a place but also provides various health benefits that include the air purification. There are plenty of house plants available that will do the job for you and don’t worry, some of these are easy to maintain with minimum water requirement.

Go for a stylish storage space

All houses, even the minimalistic ones, need storage space for storing the utility items. But keep in mind that you cannot use the storage bins that decrease the beauty of the interiors. Instead, you can opt for multi-purpose storage units and sleek looking cabinets. 

Go for your personal preferences

Every individual has a personal taste and items that they love. If there is some old sketch, you drew that matters to you, frame it and keep it. Add a dash of the abstract to your interior. You don’t have to get rid of everything during the de-cluttering phase. 

The key is simplicity

Once you have ensured all of the steps mentioned above, does it seem to calming and peaceful to you? Are you feeling the familiar urge of filling up the empty spaces since that is the look of most of the houses around the neighborhood? Minimalism is all about reigning in the feelings of extravagance. You are not dull; instead, you are trendy and environment-friendly. Let that be your guiding light. 

Minimalism takes years of practice. If you want to follow it, start by cleaning up your closet and move on to bigger things. There are a thousand others who have gone through the process before you. So, you can always find that help and ideas are just around the corner.

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