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Trumped! Look Inside Donald’s $125 million Palace

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Real Estate Radar

Donald Trump’s $125 million Palm Beach, Florida mansion is the most expensive U.S. home on the market. Read on then watch the guided tour.

In 2004, Donald Trump bought Maison de L’Amitie at bankruptcy auction for $41.25 million. With the refurbished version, complete with a ballroom, a 4,100 square foot conservatory, 100-foot-long swimming pool as well as 2 others, a media room, a library and 475 feet of oceanfront, he aims to set a U.S. sales record.

The mansion has 80,000 square feet of space but no chandeliers. Lighting and other fixtures have been left out of the home, so the new owners can customize it to their taste.

The French Regency “palace” also features an eight-car garage, carriage house, guest house and pool house.

“It’s just a fantastic piece of property,” Trump says. “The biggest site. The biggest oceanfront. The best location in Palm Beach. And Palm Beach is the richest community in the world.”

Now take the tour of Maison de L’Amitie.

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