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Travel: Sleep in a Sphere on Vancouver Island

by Marquette Turner

in Lifestyle, Location, Travel, Variety

Let’s say you’re in need of a vacation. Who isn’t!

No vacation is truly worthy of your time though, unless you experience something different, and what could be more different than Free Spirit Spheres.

Beautiful and secluded, Free Spirit Spheres is a set of free-hanging spherical hotel rooms strung up in a Vancouver Island forest. The rooms are 10-foot wooden spheres hung up 15 feet above the forest floor, accessible only by a spiral staircase wrapped around a tree trunk.

70 miles west of the beautiful Canadian city of Vancouver, each sphere dangles from the three nearest trees, so it’ll move anytime the wind blows (or if you shift your weight too vigorously) for a lulling, hammock-like feeling.

As you’ll no doubt appreciate, perhaps during the aforementioned weight-shifting, there is a porthole above the bed, through which you can gaze out into the forest and contemplate the world you left behind.

Free Spirit Spheres are taking reservations now. CLICK HERE

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