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Luxury Destinations: Thailand Island Real Estate Trip Day 3

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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When it shine’s in paradise, the sun is certainly grinning from ear to ear (and factor 30 sun block is essential).

Getting out of bed and stepping straight into the swimming pool (literally 3 feet from the edge of the bed), followed by breakfast was concocted by our own chef – fruits, eggs, juices – not a bad way to start the day for sure.

Leaving Kho Yao Noi, it wasn’t long before the Wake board was deployed.  For those that don’t know, wake boarding is like water skiing but with a a snowboard.  Let’s just say that hanging on to a rope on a speedboat on a board is not MTLH’s talent, and let’s leave it at that.

Once again, after cruising at high speed towards the islands, we just as quickly slowed down and drifted towards the lagoons and bays.  One of note was Maya Beach on Kho Phi Phi Island, which most will recognise as the location from the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo di Caprio.

It is stunning.  The water is crystal blue, the colours of the fish are spectacular and the coral is so easy to see.  For the second time of the day, we were back in the water – this time with snorkels – and certainly more civilized (read successful) than our wake boarding effort.  Half an hour of swimming like a fish with the fish was outstanding.  The water was warm and the whole experience was fantastic.

Back on the boat, more sun and sea, and then soon to Kho Phi Phi island for a fantastic Thai/Western lunch.  Our French hosts have become infamous in our books already for their great organization and their ability to whip out fabulous wine and cheeses at every hour!

The trip back to the mainland to wish farewell to our Spanish colleagues from Rimontgo started off as pleasurable as the others during the day, however, after an hour the heavens became angry and the rain hammered and waves crashed our speedboat around.  It was pretty eventful, although perhaps a little less of the sun for the day wasn’t such a bad thing as many of us had started to look quite roasted.

Back on Koh Yao Noi and the Villaguna Residence and Spa, an aperitif and time to relax (or in our case, do some work).

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