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Top Tips for First-Time Buyers

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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So you’ve decided it’s time to move on from renting and you’re on the prowell for a new home to call your own. While it’s all very exciting, knowing the best way to go about it is essential in ensuring you find the perfect place for the perfect price. There are many ways to buy a home so whether you’re looking for something spacious in the countryside, or a cosy apartment in the city, reviewing all the options will always be advantageous when it comes to the market.

Saving for a property

Budgeting is the best way to ensure you’ll end up being able to afford the right home in the place you’ve always wanted. By starting to save as if you were already paying a mortgage could really help in getting you used to the payments and save up a bit towards the mortgage before you start paying. You will be able to organise how much you have to spend on other things when you do have the house in advance so you won’t be faced with a bombardment of finances as you’ve just settled in. Making sure you give yourself enough time too is vital. Saving is a marathon and not a sprint so take your time and make the most of the time you have to save.

Researching your chosen property

When buying your first home it isn’t just about the property itself, it’s about the area, your plans for the future, the cost and the space. Many homes will come with a completely different cultural scene and vibe. For example culturally rich and urban enriched ​shared ownership in Liverpool will have a very different feel from the uptown luxury of the ​properties for sale in West Kensington​, there’s a whole range of areas and types of homes to explore. If you’re a young family looking to set down your roots in a child-friendly area with plenty of open space something like the ​properties for sale in Ebbsfleet​, with their regenerated outdoor areas, proximity to major transport connections and the quantity of catchment areas. Researching things like schools in the area, crime rates and reputation is a good place to start when it comes to seeking out your first home, be it in New York, London or Paris.

Working at laptop - Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Shop around when it comes to mortgages

If there’s any advice to heed when it comes to buying a property it’s to really shop around for the right deal. Many mortgage deals come with a range of options from fixed to variable rates, offsets and discounts and knowing which is right for you is a must when it comes to buying your first home. By speaking to a mortgage advisor on what kind of deal suits you and your plans is certainly worth it if you aren’t sure where to start. Budgeting yourself accordingly if you’re thinking of renovating and make sure it fits in with your future plans is also essential if you want to get your hands on your dream home at an affordable cost in relation to your finances. As the biggest investment you’ll ever make don’t cut corners so speak to advisors, your bank and do your research. Knowing what’s in your price is going to be key in securing what you want in the ideal location.

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