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Top Features Your Real Estate App Needs To Have

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Technology, Variety

Any business that serves customers directly and that deals with customer data would be very wise to consider using a mobile app. This also holds true for real estate businesses and agents.

Today, more people than ever are using mobile apps to research and buy homes and property, especially who are either millennials or members of Generation X. At the same time, not as many individual real estate agents are making use of mobile apps themselves, and this leaves you with a major opportunity to seize a significant advantage.

Take note that you don’t have to spend the money on having an entirely new, custom app built for you (which would cost literally thousands of dollars). Instead, you can use white label real estate apps, which would be much cheaper.  

Mobile apps can increase your brand visibility and allow you to more directly work with your real estate clients one-on-one, but only if you have the right features. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today. 

Here are the top features that you real estate app needs to have:

Buying a new home

Multiple Loginization Options

Loginization refers to users opening up personal accounts. By having multiple loginization options, this simply means having multiple options for users to open up an account.

Examples of loginization options that you should have for users include phone number authorization and verification, signing in through Google, and signing in through social media platforms such as Facebook.

Remember that with real estate apps, it is absolutely critical that you get all of the necessary details from the user as you can, including their name, phone number, and email address. This will help you to stay connected with your users and also offer them enhanced service. 

Search and Filters 

Another absolutely essential feature for your real estate mobile app will be a search feature. The search feature will need to require certain keywords such as the property name or location to give the user the details that they desire. 

Take note that the filter feature for mobile apps will require more time for development than other apps because numerous filters will be needed. You’ll need to get filters on the bases of property price, property size, buying or rent, terraces, property age, parking facilities, garbage disposal facilities, and so on. 

By having these features in your app, it will be much more easy for users to search and narrow down their property options. 

Maps and Geo-Location

Geo-location is another feature that simply cannot be skipped for mobile real estate apps. Geolocations allows users to narrow down the location of their property exactly, and also to search more effectively for properties in the surrounding areas.

While this may not be a totally necessary feature for clients who live in the area, it is absolutely necessary for clients who live outside and are looking to move long distance. There will be few features that benefit your mobile app users as much as a geo-location feature will.

Property Profiles

Property profiles simply contain information about each piece of property. The more detailed your property profiles are, the better, but you also don’t want them to be excessively clunky or anything.

Examples of what you should include in your property profiles include your property descriptions, detailed photos of the homes and property, a floor plan, rental or purchase prices, and the options for home buyers to contact the real estate agent directly in order to ask questions. 

Price Calculator

A calculator on your mobile app will simply make it easier for users to determine if they can afford the property or home for sale, which in turn makes the decision making process for them much easier.

The more detailed your calculator is, the better. It should allow users to choose the initial payment, price of the home, loan repayment period, tax savings, and the loan interest rate. Yes, users can access price calculators like these on other websites, but having it on your app will simply be more convenient for them. 

Top Features For Your Real Estate App 

Each of the above features will be absolutely necessary to have in any real estate app. It’s essential to have these features if you want to enjoy the full benefits of having an app in the first place, and if you also want to stand firm amongst all of the other competition.

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