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Top 7 Reasons to Buy a New Build Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Real Estate Radar, Variety

Finding a comfortable home with all the necessities often means a new build is the best option. It may take more time to purchase a resale house, but it is worth the wait in the end. Find out why people who own a new home believe it’s the best purchasing decision they ever made. Speaking with the team at Sika Homes, they’ve identified some clear reasons why a new build maybe perfect for you.

Built with Your Preferences in Mind

There are probably a dozen things right now that you wish you could change in your current home. In reality, housing-related deficiencies are the principal reason homeowners move. For many movers, the home they’re in just doesn’t cater well enough to their needs. Buying an existing home can get you closer to the perfect property, but you may still have to make some concessions and compromises.

 If you’re looking for something specific, the better option is to build a new home. Most developers now sell customizable home designs, which can be changed to suit the exact needs of homebuyers in a number of ways. It is even possible to add rooms, an outdoor living area or reconfigure the kitchen so that it suits the personal chef of your family. Some developers are really pushing possibilities with private suite additions that make living more convenient in multi-generation environments.

No Worries About Regulations and Codes

New homes are quality-built using the most up-to-date building codes, and they have the latest products for no maintenance. You won’t have the stress and worry of the constant upgrades, repairs, and maintenance that come with a used home if everything is brand new. When you get a fresh start, you get the no-worries advantage of going with a truly new home.


New homes are protected by a manufacturer’s warranty for sometimes up to 10 years. This provides protection against work faults, materials, and any structural defects, providing the peace of mind you’re just not going to get with a used home.

Perfect for Your Style

Finding a resale home that looks exactly the way you’d build it, is virtually impossible. Even a ready-to-move home is likely to have a few things you’d have done differently. You don’t have to think about whether the furniture would fit your personal style when you build a new home because you choose the finishing touches. You’ll work with the design team from the flooring to the cabinet hardware to create an interior decor that reflects your personal taste.

More Appealing when Reselling

You may need to leave, or you may have to change your lifestyle a few short years after you move in. The good news is that newer homes are more appealing to prospective homebuyers because it is their chance to buy a newer home without the price premium associated with a new build. Better still, you’ve already purchased all the household appliances and renovations and many parts of the house are still under warranty, making the house a great value buy for anyone. This will favorably compete with older resale homes that may need renovation or updating to make it livable for the new homebuyer.

Lower Operating Costs

You’ll be saving money with a completely new home as it has a very low-cost maintenance profile. A used home may have tired and worn out parts that will need replacement soon. You won’t need to replace such expensive items as the boiler and air conditioning units, siding or windows with a truly new home and you won’t need a new roof. Your kitchen and bathroomswill not need renovation and the basement will not need to be re-insulated or replaced. Your new home won’t need a paint job or a renovation. When considering the options, home buyers find those expenditures to be the unannounced costs of buying resale houses.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re worried about going green, whether that means the money you’ll save on your energy bills every month, or an environmental concern, a newly built house is about 66% more energy-efficient than a 30-year-old house, and 30% more efficient than a newly renovated home. Newly built homes provide more efficient heating and cooling systems, resource-efficient plumbing devices, higher insulation protection, more intensive windows’ and doors’ protection, and more efficient appliances. 

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