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Top 5 Tips for New Pool Owners (Maintenance)

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Outdoor Living, Variety

The idea of having a swimming pool in your backyard is the dream of many a homeowner, but realizing your visions of hosting weekend parties and spending long afternoons lounging poolside is easier said than done.

One element of pool ownership that is often forgotten is, quite simply, maintenance. If you don’t care for your pool after installation, it will, like most things, deteriorate and begin developing problems.

The following swimming pool statistics are from www.swimuniversity.com, the ultimate online guide to pool and hot tub care:

  • 85 percent of swimming pools use chlorine to sanitize
  • 12 percent of swimming pools are filled with salt water
  • The average cost of pool chemicals is $87.50 per month
  • 38 percent of inground swimming pools have diving boards

The bottom line is that every swimming pool requires a good amount of maintenance, which should be performed on a regular basis.

A Pool Builder in San Antonio for over 40 years gives the following five tasks to every new owner he builds his pools for:

  • Skimming and Scrubbing. Skimming the leaves and debris off the surface of the water should be done daily, in order to maintain a pristine swimming pool. But also don’t forget to scrub the sides of the pool regularly to prevent algae buildup.
  • Don’t Ignore the Filter. Your pool’s filter is responsible for removing impurities from the water, including dirt, leaves and even small toys or household items. It’s best to clean out your filter basket at least once a week. And once a month, you’ll also want to clean the pipes, which you can do by backwashing. To do so, set your filter to “backwash,” remove the leaf basket and clean it out. Then turn on the pump and let it run until the waste pipe ejects clear water.
  • Keep an Eye on the Chemicals. Chemical levels are one of the most important parts of pool maintenance and need to be checked on a regular basis. Improperly balanced water looks murky, irritates skin and eyes and can cause your pool to become a breeding ground for bacteria. The Center for Disease Control recommends six chemical levels that should be regulated, and those include cyanuric acid, free chlorine, acidity/alkalinity, total alkalinity and calcium hardness. When all of these chemicals are properly balanced, the water should be crystal clear and have no scent.
  • Keep Watch Over the Water Level. The water levels in your pool will naturally fluctuate after a heavy rainstorm or an afternoon of heavy activity, but you want to maintain a water level that’s halfway up to the opening of your skimmer. If the water is too low, just use a garden hose to add the necessary amount of water, and if it’s too high, rent a submergible pump and drain the excess.

Schedule a Yearly Service Appointment. Even if you’re adhering to a regular maintenance schedule, at least once a year you should have a professional come out and give things a once over. You never know what you’ve missed or what could be lurking under the surface. Allowing a professional to look things over can prove invaluable in the long run.

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