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Top 5 Smart Storage Ideas for Home Libraries

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Guest article, Interior Design, Variety

It doesn’t come as a surprise to see book lovers’ abode being huddled with copies of magazines, novels and manuals. Gone are the days where books adorned the four walls of homes, its all about being smart today. And not just smart in terms of design, smart in terms of storage too. Here we offer you storage solutions that are not only easy on the eye but great on cache too. You don’t need to have a knack for DIY to put these ideas into practice, the heart to be open is just enough. These budget friendly ideas are sure to give all the bibliophiles a cozy reading ambiance.

home library

Coffee table library

Are you tired of placing your books on the plane jane walls, its time to seek some inspiration. Give your living room a makeover by storing books onto a coffee table. Zing it up further by adding wheels so the table could revolve. Give your old table a makeover and display your collected books in style!

Staircase storage

Small spaces along and below the staircases are always considered to be meaningless- but not anymore. Place mountains of books under the staircase. Want a quite corner for a quick read, place a cushy chair and viola you have your own hide out.

Built in storage

If you are someone who loves reading a book before you head to sleep, then this is the thing for you. Its not new to store extra bedding inside beds and sofa’s, but how about replacing your bedding storage with books. This not only serves the right purpose of seating/sleeping, it also offers you the comfort to cozying up into a ball and reading your favourite novel.

Kitchen archive

If you have a pile of cookbooks and don’t know where to place them, worry not, this idea is surely going to leave you awestruck. Give your cabinets a makeover– replace your jars with your cookbooks. Remove the cabinet doors so your recipe books could be displayed. If this is not feasible, place shelves below you kitchen platform/isle and place your books.

Ceiling storage

Move away from storing your old books in the attic. Create your own antique library by placing your old books along your ceiling. Attic rooms usually do not suffice and you wouldn’t want to take the stairs every time you decide to read and old book, so instead squeeze in your manuals along the beams of the ceiling and you have your own athenaeum.

So if you think your bookshelves don’t have enough space, these trendy and handy storage solutions are surely going to leave your guest flabbergasted. If of course you’re such an avid reader that you go through plenty of books a month and your archive has reached maximum capacity you can always opt to sourcing in a lock-up storage.


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