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Top 5 Adventures for Solo Travelers

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Lifestyle, Location, Travel, Variety

The practice of traveling solo has become a rapidly growing trend as more individuals pack for their bags and buy a single plane ticket for adventure. To many, the thought of traveling alone can seem like a nightmare waiting to happen. To those who have taken the plunge, it is one of the most exhilarating experiences available.

Whether you are just considering your first trip or ready to take off on another solo venture, check out these top 5 locales for the lone adventurer.

All About Solo Travel

If you’re already a pro, then head on to the next section. For those of you who would like to know more about this amazingly wonderful way to vacation, read on.

Solo travel is more than simply flying by yourself and meeting up with friends or family at your destination. It means you will be experiencing every aspect of your travels on your own, without the company of those you know. It means embarking on an adventure to a new location and experiencing all that it has to offer alone.

Now, that does not mean you can’t make friends while you’re there or take an escorted tour, that’s all part of the experience. In fact, it’s highly advised to socialize and let a guide take you through risky mountain trails or slightly less welcoming areas. However, you will be your only company for the majority of your trip.

Some choose to book a flight with a major airline while others opt for something more private through, but the ultimate goal of a solo adventure is to find yourself through experiences you simply wouldn’t have otherwise. That might mean learning a new language, spending some time to focus on yourself and well-being, or exploring the world while being fully in charge of your journey.

Many find traveling alone empowering. No one is calling the shots but you, and whatever experiences come your way are completely under your control. No one can get upset when you change the itinerary last minute, you don’t have to take part in anything you don’t want to, and you can keep better control of your budget.

If any of this sounds delightful to you, then here are some of the top recommended places to see for yourself, by yourself.

Marquette Turner - Top 5 Adventures for Solo Travelers

South Africa

The southernmost tip of Africa is home to a broad variety of vacation possibilities. One on hand, you have the nightlife, dining, and sights of the city. On the other, you have the untouched wilderness of Africa right outside your door.

This location is home to several cultures as well as some of the most exotic wildlife in the world. Places like Kruger National Park offer guided safaris into the heart of the desert, other guides are more than happy to take you on the crock climbing experience of a lifetime on Table Mountain.
Marquette Turner - Top 5 Adventures for Solo Travelers 2

If you had a more relaxing trip in mind there is always Western Cape’s Winelands where you can tour the cellar and taste a 300-year-old vintage. There are also plenty of botanical gardens, museums, and historical yet thriving Cape Town to explore.


A large amount of solo travelers seeking a more soul searching type of trip head to India for its spiritual culture and opportunities to connect with nature. Monasteries and monk communities up in the mountains offer cleansing and enlightenment, while a journey to the Himalayas can realty help refresh your mind while allowing you to see tigers in their natural habitat.

If all of that isn’t quite your cup of tea, there’s plenty to do in the cities of Old and New Delhi. India is home to the architectural wonder the Taj Mahal, offers a delightful variety of cultural cuisine, several other famous landmarks that make this destination one of the “hidden treasures” of the world. Do not overload your luggage, amazing street markets will make you buy more suitcases since you wouldn’t resist colorful dresses and figurines.


If a trip halfway around the world seems like too far of a journey for your first trip, don’t worry. There are plenty of locations closer to home that offer fantastic solo experiences. One of which happens to be Cuba.

The island nation is rich in history with plenty of areas that remain untouched in the past 50 years. You can take a tour of Castro’s old rebel headquarters, see the capitol in Havana, and enjoy several tobacco farms and distilleries during your stay.  

Nature is ever abundant here as well with Cuba’s famous white beaches, exotic fauna and wildlife, and tropical ocean on every end of the country. While this location remains untouched, it won’t stay that way for long. Take advantage of the combination of historic and natural beauty while you still can!


Most people’s only impression of this area comes from Cold War footage and Forest Gump. Looking deeper into what the area has to offer, you will find a vast wealth of old world charm and ancient architecture.

Marquette Turner - Top 5 Adventures for Solo Travelers Cambodia

The area is home to Angkor Wat, a site still standing since in construction around 900 A.D., which you can explore until your heart’s content along with several other ancient temples. Take a boat to Halong Bay where you can see magnificent limestone cliffs rising above the turquoise colored waters, visit the city of Saigon, or explore the capital city Hanoi.

You can also take a boat on the Mekong River delta, the world’s 10th largest river system, where wildlife remains untouched by the advancements of civilization. Those that live alongside the river practice a simple way of life by herding buffalo and rice farming from their cottage-styled villages.

The beauty of the Vietnam/Cambodia area is astonishing, making a sight to behold for any traveler. However, the solo traveler will find themselves free to explore the vast wonders this nation has to offer.


An often forgotten about state, Alaska’s climate continues to make it one of the last largely untouched landscapes in the world. When it comes to a nature filled getaway, one could argue that there’s no better place to travel.

Filled to the brim with national parks, there is seemingly no end to the hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities available here. Snowcapped mountain peaks offer breathtaking views for those adventurous enough to climb them, while admiring them from a distance is serene enough in and of itself.

A small ship cruise can put you up close and personal with the Columbia Glacier where you can watch ice cascade into the ocean as this seemingly still object slowly travels across the sea. Skiing and snowboarding are, of course, perfect ways to have a good time up in the mountains as well. Alternatively, you could find a guide and walk your way through canyons, forests, and ice all the way to Denali.

This is the perfect location to get in touch with nature and see its many wonders. Plus, you can stop in Iceland on the way back if you have the time. Nothing like a two for one vacation, right?

Why Solo Travel is the Way to Go

Any of these destinations could be an adventure shared with friends, family, or a loved one, but there are a variety of benefits to traveling alone. However, there are a number of reasons why solo travelers choose to stay solo on their adventures

Many state feelings of confidence and empowerment, while others enjoy the level of independence and the chance for self-discovery from spending time alone. Others enjoy the thrill of connecting with new people in new places, realizing that a complete stranger can have so much in common despite what seems like a world of differences. Others simply enjoy the feeling of true freedom that comes with no tethers holding them back as they set foot into new lands.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to travel solo may be, the five spots on this list are excellent locations to add to your list of must see destinations. Each offers a unique experience and breathtaking beauty in its own diverse way. However, the world is full of wonderful and exciting places for us single travelers to explore and take in. Also, take extra care of yourself and don’t get hurt or wounded. Just in case, consider having health care insurance that can help you in this unfortunate situations.

These are just a few top recommended suggestions. Whether you are new to the world of solo travel or were introduced to this amazing way of seeing the world decades ago, there’s never a better time than now to get out there and make a new adventure. Life is short. Why not get started planning today?

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