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Top 4 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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When it comes to selling your home getting the best possible sale price is always the aim and this takes time and effort, whether it’s a booming market or a tough one. There are always simple ways to add value to your home, whether you are thinking of selling now or in the future. Here are some top tips for getting more from your home in today’s real estate marketplace.

Give your home a health check

Before you start making any aesthetic improvements, take a moment to give your house a thorough health check and make any necessary structural repairs, however small. Things to look out for include: cracks or bows in walls, leaks or damp patches and missing or damaged roof tiles

Carpet and flooring should also be inspected. Frequently homeowners are switching from carpets to wood floors when in need of a stylish and durable solution that can enhance home value.

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Improve your utilities

Another disruptive improvement will be anything you need to do to your energy supplies. Get this out the way before any decorative improvements. Look into updating your electrics and checking wiring. Take out any old plumbing that is causing pressure problems or irritating plumbing noises. Old pipes could be furred up which leads to heating issues. If you want to upgrade your boiler, go for a combination design. You may think it’s not worth investing in upgrades that will only be enjoyed by the next owner, but you are more likely to get the full asking price if there is little work that needs doing by the buyer.

Sort the superficial stuff

Once the big issues are corrected go around your home and pay attention to detail. It’s these simple, smaller problems that can lower the value of a home in a potential buyers mind. If you don’t take time to seek them out, they may go unnoticed to you, but to a house hunter they all build up to give an overall picture of a house that’s not so well maintained. Superficial defects that require a little home improvement might include: peeling paintwork, broken door latches, mouldy sealant in bathrooms and kitchens, cracked wall tiles, mouldy window frames, crumbling plasterwork and squeaky floorboards.

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Makeover the ‘big sell’ rooms

The kitchens and bathrooms of any property can really make or break a sale. A fantastic kitchen can add thousands of pounds to the sale price, meaning new owners don’t have to upgrade costly fitted appliances or a more modern aesthetic.

If your kitchen is a little outdated, you don’t need to invest hugely. A few simple changes can freshen up this space and improve the feel greatly. Try upgrading your cupboard doors or add a new granite or quartz worktop that will make the place look more sophisticated.

Bathrooms can be subtly upgraded with new sealant, a new loo set and sparkling new tap fittings etc. But you may consider a full refit if your home is behind the times in terms of bathroom suite. A shower is a much longed for modern convenience for a lot of home owners, so consider adding a bath-shower kit if you only have a tub.


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