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Tittot Glass Vases at Work in China Exhibition, Hong Kong

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Artists, Design & Trends, Events, Furniture, Variety

An upcoming exhibition called Works in China – Part 1 Design Art, in collaboration with Cat Street Gallery, will open at the The Space in Hong Kong June 29th, 2011 to showcase the latest and most iconic works of Michael Young’s 20-year industrial design career, plus the launch of his new book ‘Works in China’.

For the first time the designer has been given carte blanche over an entire 3500 square foot gallery to showcase his work and vision of design, not merely as a functional necessity, but as Industrial Art.

With Young’s pioneering passion for technology, some of the highest levels of manufacturing have been employed to create what is often seen as the industry’s polar opposite – sheer poetry. The show will feature complex pieces like the Hex Chair and the Psi Tower that were made possible only with the cooperation of some truly brilliant engineers in China, plus the studio will unveil a spectacular new collection in glass for Tittot (see images above).

Says Michael Young: “This is my first show in 10 years. I started out making one offs in London as it was all that one could make back then, but it was a passion. After years of mass production it’s refreshing to go back to my roots and play a little.”

The show will also mark the launch of the book ‘works in China’ written by John Heskett. The book delves into the process of design documenting a number of Young’s products from the initial sketches, right through to the finished products. An eye-opening look at the staggering amount of work that goes into producing everything around us and must-read for anyone interested in design.

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