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Tips to build and decorate a garden deck

by emily

in Design & Trends

Everyone needs a home DIY project to keep them busy at home, distract them from a tough day at work and to prove to themselves that they can, in fact, create beautiful things. Building and decorating a garden deck is one of those types of projects.

Garden decks are not only exciting to build but once they’re built, they make for the perfect relaxation spot in the garden. We’re going to give you a few tips when it comes to building and decorating a garden deck. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what tools and materials you’ll need, as well as the type of décor that will make it a perfect addition to your property.

It’s time to put your DIY gloves on and get started.

Deck-building tools


A DIY master is nothing without their toolset. And if you’re going to build a garden deck on your own, you’re going to need the appropriate tools. For your own safety, it’s in your best interest to ensure that you know how to handle the tools and equipment you’ll be using and to always wear safety glasses and other protective gear during construction.

If you’re going to be building a garden deck, you’re likely going to want to continue with more DIY projects after the fact. For this reason, it would be considered a good investment to buy your own, quality, tools for this and future projects.

The tools you’re going to need are a leveller, saw, socket set, electric drill, hammer, pry bar, ladder, shovel and wheelbarrow. These are the basic tools you can expect to be using. Depending on where you choose to build your garden deck, you may be required to level the ground first which will require the leveller, shovel and wheelbarrow. The rest of the tools will be used to physically put the deck-building materials together.

Deck-building materials


Once you have your tools, you’ll need to find decking suppliers to provide you with deck-building materials. As wooden decking makes up the majority of garden decks, you’ll need to find a wooden decking supplier with quality and treated timber poles that you can use to build your deck.

Those timber poles aren’t going to hold together on their own. That’s why you’ll also need to buy stainless steel or coated screws and nails. You’ll also need to install joist hangers to keep it all connected.

As important as it is to buy quality deck-building materials, it’s equally important to have a maintenance plan for your deck and those materials. This will ensure that they are durable against the cold, heat, wind and rain. You’ll be very disappointed to have spent so much time building this incredible deck with your new tools and quality materials, only to have it not last.  

Add steps


Most garden decks have a raised element to them. It’s not quite as simple as joining planks together and laying it flat on the ground. To make the building more interesting and play on the decorative look of your deck at the same time, you should add two to three steps leading onto your garden deck.

And with wide-based steps, this is also a smooth way of transitioning from the deck area into the garden itself. This defines the separate areas through the colour contrast of green grass and soft timber.  

Decorative plants


Once your deck is built, you might want to find a way to cover up the little mistakes or the nail heads. And this is where the decorating part of your deck-creating comes in.

You can choose to build raised wooden planter boxes to place on those areas of the deck or you can simply buy (or paint your own) plant pots and have beautiful flowers to draw in all the attention. If flowers are too soft, consider large succulents or tall potted plants for a more dramatic and grand aesthetic.

This is a part of your garden after all so extra greenery is always a great decorative feature.

Up the “chill” factor


The main reason why people build garden decks is to create a space where they can relax out in nature with fresh air, and listen to the sound of birds. A tip for decorating your garden deck is to up the “chill” factor as much as possible.

Treat it like a room in your house that needs surfaces to hold drinks and support plates of food, as well as seating. You can even make the outdoor deck furniture your next woodwork project for the garden. Don’t forget to add seat cushions and have some blankets ready for the cooler evenings spent in the gardens. For evening chill sessions you could even add outdoor lanterns and lights to be positioned on the garden deck or along the deck’s fence. This will make the deck functional both day and night to make the most of all the effort you’ve put into building it.

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