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Tips For Maintaining Your Window Security

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Security, Variety

When it comes to securing property, many people understandably pay most of their attention to the doors. After all, they are the main points of entry, and it’s hard to imagine anyone clambering into your home through the window. 

However, equal consideration should also be paid to the windows of your home too. Determined trespassers will stop at nothing to gain access to your property, and they’re not above breaking some glass if the doors are (rightly) secured and your home is full of valuable goods. 

Therefore, keeping your windows secure is essential. Keep reading for some ideas on how to do just that. 

Install Add-ons

Sometimes, something as simple as a subtle add-on to your home’s security systems can make such a huge difference.

For example, one Sydney resident made use of a ‘smart’ doorbell system, whereby he could be alerted to the burglar’s presence and communicate with him directly. Upon hearing the voice, the perpetrator quickly deserted the scene, all because of a key installation of some truly useful technology. 

In the case of windows, this might mean installing additional locks onto the windows, or indeed rigging them with their own alarm system the moment they come into contact with anyone trying to pry or break them open. After that, a home surveillance system pointing directly to them could also come in handy, helping both you and the authorities to identify attackers once the worst is over. 

Window Upgrades

The strength of the glass in your windows may be enough to ward away burglars. 

While some glass is easily smashable, others are more resistant to many forms of damage. The latter camp typically involves double glazing, whereby two sheets of glass are placed in the window instead of one. The gas in between acts as a shock absorber also, which means the window becomes that much harder to break on a whim. This should be enough to protect you against any criminals who’re operating on the fly or trying to break in as quickly as possible. 

Shutters are also a worthwhile investment. If you’re looking for shutters in Perth, the varieties from Rollersmart are affordable and look very stylish indeed, but they also double efficiently as a security measure. Even if the glass should somehow get broken, the shutters inside will be yet another layered barrier between the burglar and your property, buying time for the authorities to arrive.

Garden Security

Bolstering the security of your garden can also benefit your windows significantly. 

Landscaping and window security might seem like very separate ideas that do not necessarily go together straight away. However, it could be a viable solution to plant thick bushes beneath your windows to make them unreachable from the outside. The thornier varieties may serve as a more effective solution to this problem, just as an extra deterrent. 

Additionally, garden lights outdoors might be aesthetically pleasing, but they can also boost visibility across your property and ward away unsavoury types. Your windows then become strategic vantage points, and you will spot any trespassers long before they have the opportunity to steal from you. Ultimately, a mixture of subtle and blatant security measures creates an aura around your property -that it’s truly impregnable, especially from the windows! 

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