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Tips for first-time contemporary art investors

by emily

in Design & Trends

 Tips for first-time contemporary art investorsInvesting in art has become a huge trend among the creative circles in society. It is a great way to ensure that your money is spent on something worthwhile, but as the piece ages the value of your investment increases.

Investing in a piece of art does not have to be confusing or difficult, and with these useful tips, you will be able to choose the perfect portrait to hang on your mantel or sculpture to place in your foyer.

Buy what you love

When you enter a gallery, do not be swayed by pieces by famous artists or expensive pieces “because they are a smart decision”. Art appreciation comes from the soul, so be sure to buy a piece that you absolutely love. This could be a stunning piece of modern African art, a beautifully realistic landscape or even wildlife photography pieces.

Not only will this piece set your heart on fire and make your soul sing, but you will also be able to appreciate it hanging on your wall for years to come. Investing in art is a purchase of passion, and so the piece you should choose should be something that immediately catches your eye and causes gasps and awe-struck staring.

Speak to the collectors

At any gallery sale, you will find a plethora of collectors looking for their next purchase. You should use this to your advantage and speak to them, asking about their opinions on who is “hot” in the art world, who is emerging and which piece would actually make a good investment.

Their expertise and knowledge is an amazing source of advice for any first-time contemporary art investor. Many have spent years collecting art and will be able to offer you sound advice on whether or not a piece is worth spending money on. However, if you have found a painting or sculpture that speaks to you then try not to be swayed by the opinions of others too much.

Do not stay in your comfort zone

If you usually are drawn to traditional landscape pieces, try looking for something different to invest in. A stunning modern African art piece by Osborne Macharia or Kudzanai Chiurai will create interest wherever you hang the pieces. And, because this contemporary art movement is so new and popular, they will grow significantly in value over the years.

Moving out of your comfort zone when buying art is one of the most exciting aspects of the experience. Look for a unique piece that sparks excitement in you when you look at it, and you are well on your way to finding an artwork to invest in.

Ask a curator or dealer for advice

One of the best ways to find solid and reliable advice is to speak to the curator or dealer in the gallery. With the growth of contemporary art over the past few years, it is important to speak to curators for their advice on which artists and artworks would be the best to choose for a sound investment.

Not only will you find something that is worth investing in, but your knowledge and interest in the art world will increase tenfold. Find someone who will nurture you, help you grow, and who is fair with their prices. Curators usually have the right network and inside track to the contemporary art world, which you can use to your advantage while looking for the right piece.

Do your homework

In today’s modern age, there is no reason why you should not be able to research a work of art or a gallery before you make any decisions. You should do background checks on artists to see where they have exhibited, how many times they have exhibited and whether or not they exhibited internationally.

You should also research the artist’s reception at these exhibitions and whether they sold any work there. This information will tell you how collectable their work is and if it is a good investment for you. Regular exhibitions are good signs that an artist is collectable, but keep an eye out for emerging or under the radar artists.

Trust your own instincts

Your own instincts about a work of art are important. If your heart is telling you that an emerging or little-known artist’s piece is stunning and should be displayed for all to see, then you should invest in this piece.

Not only will art that you love hold sentimental value, but it could grow in monetary worth over the years. You may have bought a piece by an emerging artist five years ago who is now highly sought after and collectable, making your original piece worth much more than cost price.

Remember to have fun

The most important thing to remember when visiting a gallery or art sale is to have fun. Art does not follow rules and is not an analytical field, so as a viewer you should not spend hours scrutinising a painting based on its monetary worth. Have fun when choosing a piece of art, and look for something that sparks passion in your soul as soon as you see it.

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