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Tips for choosing the right lounge suite for your home

by emily

in Variety

Aside from the kitchen, in modern homes, the lounge or living room is often one of the most used rooms in your house. It is where you come to relax after a hard day or where you set up movie night with the family.

So, having a comfortable lounge suite to sink into is vital. Below are some top tips for finding, among the myriad of lounge suites out there, the one that is perfect for your home.

Consider the size

This is the very first step you should take when looking for a new lounge suite. You will need to be able to fit it through your door and into your lounge when you first move it in. It can be highly frustrating to buy a beautiful new piece of furniture only to find it does not fit into your doorway.

If you have a small living room, you should look for a lounge suite that has a petite arm profile. This means that it will not jut out too far into the room and take up space. For a larger space, opt for a combination of one larger sofa and an armchair or a small ottoman to fill up the space without cluttering it. Avoid buying large pieces that do not fit harmoniously together and rather choose complementary pieces.

Comfort is king

In order to know how comfortable a couch is, you will have to sit on it to find out. However, everyone’s version of ‘comfort’ is different and you may have to take your family with you to ‘sit test’ the lounge suite you have your eye on.

If you have older people who live with you or elderly relatives that visit frequently, you may have to look for a lounge suite that offers good back support. For a larger family, you will need to look at lounge suites that offer ample seating for everyone, such as three-, two-  and one-seater combinations. Look for fabrics that are pleasant to the touch and avoid pale colours if you have pets or children.

Decide how the lounge suite will be oriented in the room

In order to successfully organise your lounge or living room, you will need to analyse your lifestyle and how you plan to spend time in the room. If you enjoy spending time in front of the television, arrange your couches in a semi-circle so that everyone is able to see the screen.

If you use the space to relax and spend time chatting with your family or guests, then create a circle around a central table for easier conversations and an informal atmosphere. Surround your couch with chairs or soft cushions to create extra seating space for when you have guests around to visit. Knowing where you want to orient your lounge suite can help you to decide which couches you choose.

Craftsmanship means quality

Looking for a lounge suite means that you will most likely visit a plethora of furniture stores in search of the right one. You may find one that suits your budget but you will need to find out about the materials used in it before deciding.

Quality craftsmanship means that the lounge suite is made with a wooden or metal frame rather than plastic, and uses materials such as high-density foam for the inside and leather, wool or linen for the upholstery. Woven patterns are more durable than printed upholstery. These materials may not always be easy to clean, so look into a couch cover or  spray on layer of protection if you have children or pets.

Look for a style that complements your home

It can be difficult to discover your own personal style in your home, but once you do, it is important to stick with this style in each room. Your lounge suite should reflect this, so be sure to look for a style that complements your home.

If you have a contemporary living room, you should look for a lounge suite with straight, crisp lines and dramatic colours. If your home is an eclectic mix of colours and textures, you could opt for a vintage couch that has been reupholstered in a bright fabric. A classically structured sofa in neutral fabric will fit perfectly into a more traditional space, but whatever you choose, be sure that it is something you absolutely love.

Be creative in your choices

A lounge suite should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but should also suit the personality of your home and family. Always remember to consider the size of your lounge or living room before purchasing your lounge suite, and do not forget to consider the comfort of everyone who will be using it. Do not compromise on quality, as a high-quality choice will last for years to come with the right care and maintenance.

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