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Time to Clean Your Upholsteries

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Eco-Living, Furniture, Interior Design, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Variety

At this time of the year with thanks giving ahead and Christ mess is on the horizon many home owners in New York are looking to clean up and refresh their carpets, upholsteries and drapes.

Winter is usually a time where windows   are less open and furniture tends to accumulate dust and dust mites. This is a great opportunity to have a thorough cleaning and re-fresh the looks of the house and breathe a healthier air.

Ways to clean your sofas and carpets

Do it yourself: if you have been cleaning your stuff regularly during the year your items should be in good condition and you might just need to perform a good vacuum that can be done with your vacuum cleaner at home. This is the cheapest option for home owners in NYC.

Get a professional help: while the first option is for those who keep cleaning their items during the year most of us, busy with the acetic life in the big city don’t have time for that and sometimes doesn’t clean their rugs or couches for 2 or even 3 years. In that case you want to hire a professional service like carpet cleaning NYC which uses state of the art vacuum machines and highly trained technicians that can handle any type of fibers and stains. This option is sometimes costly but will get you the best results. You really can’t imagine the amount of dust that gets out of a mattress cleaning or sofa deep shampooed till you see it.

Clean your armchiar

Other options to consider

A professional service can also offer you various cleaning options as per your needs like “Dry Cleaning” when the items are deeply steam cleaned without any water. This is mainly good for fabrics made of silk or velvet. For other type of fabric like wool rugs you can ask for a deep shampoo process where the machine injects soap into the fabric foundations, scrub it deeply, washes it and then extract the dirty water.

Another service that is highly demanded in New York City is pet odor elimination and pet stain removal. Many pet owners have accidents where their pets urine on the sofa or carpets and leave bed smell and sometimes color bleeding if that doesn’t been taking care of immediately . if this is the case with you the best option is to call a carpet cleaning company that specialize in pet stains cleaning and can also offer you organic cleaning so your pets or babies will benefit as well.


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