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Thoroughly modern manor house

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

This innovative eco friendly home in the Cotswold nature reserve, UK has just sold for approx $14.5million

The ‘thoroughly modern manor house’, named Orchid House and modelled on a bee orchid found on the reserve, was sold offthe plan recently to an anonymous buyer who is believed to be in the entertainment industry. They will get a lakeside home complete with a glass-sided badger set in the garden.

It is said that Brad Pitt has looked at the plans for Orchid House, while Kylie Minogue had stayed at the estate.

The house will be one of those that will produce more energy than it uses with an underground pump and geothermal heating. The house is designed by Sarah Featherstone, whose practice in East London is designing part of the London 2012 Olympic athletes’ village. It is said the house will take three years to be built as the structure is complicated.

Simon Turner

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