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“This Little Light of Mine”: Cancer Awareness

by Marquette Turner

in Features, Good Causes, Wise Guy

We often have people right under our noses that are little angels on earth. Not literally angels, and I don’t mean to sound fluffy. But life gets so busy sometimes and we often feel grumpy or impatient and that is how people end up seeing us.

We complain about the person that cut us off in traffic, or the slow cashier at the grocery store. With all that complaining, it’s easy to forget that there are such wonderful, caring and compassionate people all around us and I simply had to share a with you a story about a caring young woman Leah, who I had the pleasure of working with in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


I found her passion for raising awareness against cancer astounding. As a fellow female, I know how much attachment we can have to our hair. After one particularly heinous cut a few years ago was followed with days of whining, complaining and embarrassingly enough, a few tears.

Leah didn’t even think twice about letting go of her locks, to raise money and awareness for Cancer one of the most devastating diseases of our time. What is even more touching is her recount of the event, which is shared below.

“This little light of mine…. I am going to let it shine! I haven’t forgotten the intense feeling of compassion, hope, trust, and faith that I shared a month ago! It brings tears to my eyes knowing that what we accomplished is still having an effect on others, that the knowledge is still spreading and there are relationships still bonding strangers together. Cancer has such a profound effect on families, and I am just beginning to realize just how many of us have been touched by it. For the banker who lost his Father, to the best friend who lost his Mother, to the little girl who lost her Grandmother, to the Sister who is fighting the battle with such strength, to the Dad who lost his little girl, to the Uncle, the brother, the Grandfather, the friend, the companion…. It has no boundaries! Thank you for teaching me, for letting my heart grow, for the stories and the new relationships. Thank you for letting my light shine and I am going to let it shine!”

We can all learn a little bit, from the selfless giving so many people spread compassionately. I know the next time I have the urge to waist time complaining about someone or something, I will instead spend those few minutes congratulating the wonderful people who strive to make a difference, we all know at least one.

Brittany West

*More information:

AUSTRALIA: Cancer Council of Australia; Children’s Cancer Institute Australia; Cancer Australia; Cure

CANADA: Canadian Cancer Society; Childhood Cancer Association;

GREAT BRITAIN: Cancer Research; Britain Against Cancer;

INDIA: India Cancer; Cancer Foundation of India

NEW ZEALAND: Cancer Society; Child Cancer Foundation; NZ Cancer Control Trust

POLAND: Cancer in Poland; Great Poland Cancer Centre;

UNITED STATES : National Cancer Institute; American Cancer Society; Cancer Research Institute

* Please note that this list is in no ways meant to be exhaustive, simply a guide/starting point.

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