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Thinking of Moving to Canada? Read This First!

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Real Estate Radar, Variety

One of the most beautiful cities in Canada is Calgary, in the province of Alberta. The gorgeous area is situated where the Bow River and Elbow River meet. It sits just to the east of the Canadian Rockies and is surrounded by prairies and foothills. The capital of Calgary is Edmonton. One of the most beautiful neighborhoods with prime real estate that is located in Calgary is called Auburn Bay. Luckily, there are some properties in this town that are for sale if you were thinking of moving. There are also plenty of jobs available for someone that relocates to this region because the economy in Calgary is booming. There are high paying jobs in the energy, financial services, film and television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, and many other sectors. 

One of the Most Beautiful Suburbs in Calgary

Calgary has wonderful Auburn Bay homes for sale at this time. This is one of the newest and most coveted residential suburban areas located in Calgary, Alberta. Auburn Bay is located near the southeast edge of the city. The community of Auburn Bay is found in a prime location. It has quick access to two hospitals, the South Health Campus and Southeast Calgary hospitals. The city of Calgary plans on extending their C-Train to run near the suburb so the residents can have an easy commute to work, school, or shopping without having to drive. The community of Auburn Bay has a very diverse population. There are over 5400 homes here, along with two schools. The community also has plans to build two more schools, a dog park, and a mall. Other amenities that the community plans on adding includes two baseball fields, two ponds, a lake, walking and cycling trails, and two large soccer fields. 

Calgary, Canada - Photo by Kyler Nixon on Unsplash - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Photo by Kyler Nixon on Unsplash

What Makes Auburn Bay the Best Area in Calgary

The community of Auburn Bay was developed by a building company known as Brookfield Residential. This company has done some of the most beautiful work in Calgary, and this is why Auburn Bay has become one of the most desired suburbs to live in. When the community was being developed, the builders wanted to make it gorgeous, affordable, and family-oriented. Brookfield Residential was able to accomplish every goal of the building process, and this has contributed to how Auburn Bay has become one of the best areas in Calgary to live. The community has a theme of country cottages and has over 40 acres of freshwater throughout. 

The homes in Auburn Bay can vary greatly in price. The types of homes that an individual can find in the community of Auburn Bay are estate homes, townhomes, beginner homes, and upgrade homes. The homes have all types of features available, and the architectural styles are unique and beautiful. Auburn Bay is truly one of the largest and most beautiful communities not only in Calgary but possibly in Canada overall. The community has very diverse pricing and offers the working class and middle class the opportunity to purchase a quality home inside of a very exclusive community. Auburn Bay really is one of the best communities in Calgary and has made good living affordable to all. 

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