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Things to Consider When Planning Your New Garden Pool Area

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Outdoor Living, Variety

Things to Consider When Planning Your New Garden Pool Area

A garden pool is a wonderful way to relax on a hot summers day, whilst also adding a soothing visual element to your landscape. Although there are many factors to consider, the pool of your dreams can be created if you plan carefully and consider the following aspects.


The first thing to consider is design. There are many different styles of pools from a simple round or oval shape to faceted Grecian or Roman design. You may prefer a pool that is custom designed for the pool owner or a more natural looking bio-design.

Consider the lines of the existing garden to determine what would be the most harmonious fit. Try out different looks by dividing the design of the garden into geometric shapes and then cutting corresponding shapes out of paper. Arrange them in the shape of the existing garden and then try cut-outs of different pool shapes to get an idea of the general feel of the pool garden.

Some pool uses are easier to accomplish with specific shapes. The L shape, for example, works best for pools with multiple purposes such as diving mixed with a shallow end for children. A cottage garden with few straight lines may look best when paired with a natural looking bio-designed pool.

Garden Pool Area Planning - Marquette Turner Luxury HomesAesthetics

Next think about the aesthetics of the pool area. It should both stand out and blend into the surroundings; you don’t want the pool to look as if it were just dropped into a hole in the garden. The best way to make the pool look like a natural element is to focus on the transitional space between the pool and the rest of the garden. Wooden decking or decorative concrete in natural or decorative colours can be made to work with any type of landscaping. An area created from stone slabs is another good way to go. Flowers in planters will incorporate the pool further into the garden without getting leaves or debris into the pool.

Plan an Outdoor Pool Area - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes


After the shape of the pool has been determined, you can move on to the amenities needed to further enhance your garden. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to bring a luxurious feel to the pool area. Whether you use white or coloured lighting, under or above-water lighting brings a magical feel to the pool area, especially at twilight. Flowers that release their fragrance in the evening such as night-blooming jasmine, can work alongside the lights to provide a sensual delight. Add the sound of a waterfall and you have a peaceful, pleasant oasis that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

There are also more interactive extras to consider if the pool is going to be a major hub of entertainment in your home. A hot tub can extend the length of the pool year by providing a water activity that can be enjoyed in spring and autumn and maybe even winter. A waterslide is another good idea, especially if children will be using the pool. The use of the area can also be extended by a fire pit or barbecue. Invest in good seating by choosing deck chairs in colours and materials that work well with your overall design.

Creating a pool area doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you carefully consider all the aspects before getting started. A pool that fits harmoniously into the existing garden, whilst also adding new and exciting elements of relation and luxury is within reach.

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