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The World’s Most Extravagant Holiday Villas

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Real Estate Radar, Rich & Famous, Variety

In the age of the Internet, you can find affordable luxury villa rentals for group vacations with proper planning and research. But if money is no object, there are certainly quite a few over-the-top luxury villas you can consider. These holiday accommodations offer complete privacy and sometimes, you can even have an entire island all to yourself and your group. Want to live like a billionaire for a few days? Then check out the world’s most expensive luxury villas, from our list:

Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas

Over Yonder Cay is a private island that used to be a fishing outpost. Today it has become an eco-minded barefoot-luxury enclave, using solar panels and wind turbines to supply energy to the island. You can find 4 villas here, each one equipped with a huge Jacuzzi, and several bedrooms. Some of the villas have infinity pools. Guests will have access to yoga classes, a 9-hole golf course, windsurfing and kitesurfing, massages, mini theaters, snorkeling and scuba diving equipment, sailboats, and fishing boats. They also have a 114-foot super yacht that you can charter for the day. A night on this island will set you back $730,000 for 28 people.


Hilltop Estate, Fiji

Laucala is the most lavish private island on the South Pacific. It is where you can find a Hilltop Estate with its own secluded enclave. It’s basically a resort within a resort and you’ll have your own chef, chauffeur, nanny and butler. The resort has a huge golf course, and you can also go horseback riding, scuba diving and game fishing. Hilltop Estate beats all the other villas on Laucala Island, as it is designed to look like a highly sophisticated yet traditional Fijan villa. Its area is 131,000 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 swimming pools and gardens. A night on this island for 6 people starts at $315,000.

Villa Jane, Aspen

This château located in the Colorado Rockies boasts of massive windows with panoramic views of the mountain landscape. The wall arts are impressive and the villa features 6 spacious bedrooms and 9 baths. It has an indoor swimming pool, 3 bars, a fully equipped gym, an impressive wine cellar, a game room/ recreation room, a grand piano, and a very large outdoor patio. It can accommodate 12 people and the rate starts at $347,000.

Villa La Cassinella, Italy

Villa La Cassinella is only accessible by boat and it is located next to another villa in the town of Lenno. In the main house, there are 7 bedrooms, plus 2 more in the terrace villa. George Clooney used to spend holidays in this 19th century mansion tastefully decorated with Italian furniture and antique works of art. It has ample amenities like a heated infinity pool with gold tiles, a floodlit tennis court, an expansive garden with huge cypress trees, a gym and a private motorboat. It can accommodate 17 guests and rates start at $188,000.

Sand Club, St. Barth

Sand Club is the priciest vacation villa on St. Barth. Its name is also very appropriate as the villa sits right on the beach. You only need to take a few steps to get to the water (Flamands Bay). It has 6 bedrooms between the main house and the pavilions, and each room has panoramic ocean views. It can comfortably accommodate 12 people and rates start at $150,000.

Villa Titanium, Ibiza

Villa Titanium was designed by renowned socialite Cathy Guetta and it aims to be as dazzling as its namesake metal. The villa features 12 bedrooms styled with after-hours glamour, including gamine portraits and neon artworks. There’s even a DJ booth in the lounge area. The location is very convenient as it’s only 10 minutes from Las Salinas beaches, and walking distance to where all the happenings in Ibiza are. When you stay here, you will definitely be pampered. It has 24 in-house staff, plus a wellness component where you can meditate or get a massage anytime you like. The villa can accommodate 24 people and rates start at $279,000.

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