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The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Bauble

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Features, Luxury is..., Variety

Simon Turner of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes:

The world’s most expensive Christmas tree bauble has been designed by English firm Hallmark Jewellers of Titchfield partner Mark Hussey, and has been confirmed by The National Association of Goldsmiths as being worth £82,000.00

Hoping to be to Christmas decorations what Faberge is to eggs, the bauble consists of a snowflake cut pattern sits swathed amidst a sparkling display of diamonds, all of which have been delicately placed by hand, on top of a 18 carat white gold sphere.

Three stunning one carat diamonds adorn the centre band and orbiting the bauble are two ruby encrusted rings.

This dazzling decoration is presented in a hand-made wooden box.

It is available to Hallmark Jewellers, and our guess is that a bauble such as this would more likely BE the Christmas present, rather than simply a decoration.



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