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The White Knuckle Ride: When does Planning turn into Worrying?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Wise Guy

In a world where we plan everything right down to what lane we will take on the way to work, how many calories we will have for lunch and what neck tie reflects the image we are trying to obtain at Wednesdays meeting when does planning become worrying?

You look through your grandmother’s old photos, where they had only a land-line or hand written letters to communicate, everything seemed so simple. The pace of life was slower and party photos consisted of smiling faces, the twist and miss matched outfits, oh how those plaid pants haunt me.

Fast forward to today where we plan our days down to every minute detail, so much so that we must schedule time for our family and friends in our PDA. We give ourselves a very precise amount of time to get to work, and we know it will take this long because our navigation system has detected traffic. We have our daily plan, weekly plan, monthly, yearly and of course the five-year plan.


We are told by such “phenomenon’s” as “the Secret” that if we cannot envision our future, and turn it into written attainable goals with set dates, we will never lead the life we so long for. The shame that we feel when our “Ten year high school reunion” sneaks up on us and we are not in the stage of life we had planned,or we celebrate our 30th birthday as a single.

Constant planning for the future moments leaves no time to enjoy the actual present moment (which we spend the past moment planning for). With all of this planning, I have to wonder where is the beauty of “spontaneity”? And do we mask the compulsive worrying with the word “planning”?

Sometimes it is important to take a step back, loosen the white-knuckle grip on our “plan” and let the unknown put a smile on our face.

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