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The ultimate guest bedroom

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends

It’s often exciting to have guests visit your home, and without doubt you want them to feel welcome

For extended visits it’s especially important to create a space that will make them feel comfortable, and will be a memorable part of their trip. To ensure that happens, here’s a good checklist that will allow you to mix and match nicely.

The Bed

  • Pillow Top A bed needs to be soft and plush


  • Percale Sheets They must be crisp and perfect
  • A Nice Throw It’s a great addition to create a homey feel; these are made from bamboo and soy fiber-good for the environment-and still as soft and luxurious as cashmere
  • Soybu-Throw.jpg

The Welcome Tray – A gift set of essentials is a perfect way to make a great impression

  • The Tray This sugar cane piece is just the right size and has a cool, natural look (and is inexpensive). Freedom or IKEA will have them aplenty.
  • tray.jpg

  • Toiletries Leave a travel size kit of essentials – whether your guest forgets to pack them or not, they’re sure to appreciate this touch.
  • keihls_0.jpg

  • Reading Material Include local magazines and a guide book to the area to give them a sense of the place, as well as a few seasonal varieties.
  • Fresh Flowers That’s a must, and you can go to town in mixing a few trendy vases.


  • Towels Don’t forget these; Frette towels are some of my favorites


  • Water Carafe Why not? A simple yet thoughtful touch.


Bedside Table

  • The Start Exceedingly useful and easy to pick up from most furniture stores.

  • table.jpg

  • Swing Arm Lamps These leave the bedside table clear, and makes reading in bed easier


  • Bose iPod Dock It’s easy to use and allows your guests to bring along their own soundtrack, or you can welcome them with a “shuffle” of your favorite playlist


  • As for a finishing touch, a hand written note welcoming them will get their stay off to a fantastic start.

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