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The Success of Earth Hour 2009

by Marquette Turner

in Eco-Living, Features, News & Views

Wow – Earth Hour seriously is a global event.

Over 1 billion people in 83 countries took part. A small idea three years ago has already become a huge success.

Walking through Sydney, we were very impressed with the number of businesses – large and small – as well as households that made the effort.



As always, there were some that overlooked this opportunity (such as McDonalds) but on the whole, the efforts of so many go a long way.

Some of the highlights in Sydney were:

– the floodlights were turned off on the Harbour Bridge, Anzac Bridge, Opera House and other landmarks;

– lights went out in public buildings, commercial towers and apartment blocks throughout the city;

– in Kings Cross, the giant Coca-Cola signs were turned off;

– the Kings Cross Hotel was the venue for an Earth Hour wedding;

– Sydney Observatory hosted a rare chance to see the night sky over the city in relative darkness

– the reverse light show was shown to campers on Cockatoo Island by candlelight;


Cockatoo Island

Let’s hope the positive change Earth Hour encourages is infectious in many other events and habit throughout the year to come.

Simon Turner

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Visit the official Earth Hour website.

You can also download this document to find out the Earth Hour Office Tips

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