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The Stylish Eco-Toilet

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Eco-Living, Features, Furniture, Interior Design, Variety

Eco-minded bathroom fixtures are becoming increasingly available, but they still tend to focus more on function than on form. One notable exception is W+W, a combined toilet and sink from Spanish brand Roca that combines compact style with green-minded thinking.

W+W is a single, L-shaped unit in which the sink and toilet are integrated entirely.

Wastewater from the sink is used to fill the toilet’s cistern, thus saving as much as 25 percent of the water that would normally be used. An automatic cleaning system prevents bad odors and bacteria, while a specialized tap controls the water’s temperature and flow for maximum energy savings.

Developed by the Roca Innovation Lab and designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, the W+W costsEUR 2,731.

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