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The Strand Craft Super Yacht with a Super Car

by Marquette Turner

in Lifestyle, Luxury is..., Technology, Travel, Variety

It’s not beyond reason that when you travel around the world at no expense in your super yacht, that you may want to take your car with you.

And if you’re fortunate enough to have a super yacht, then no doubt you have a super car also.

Hence the conceptual Strand-Craft-166, a somewhat stealth-like looking craft that is certainly super in every sense of the word, and unsurprisingly features a floating “garage” in the aft.

The yacht would certainly not look out of place in a James Bond movie. There is a retractable fly-bridge, a hidden spa that features a built-in bar, and the living area boasts five double ensuite staterooms equipped with 52-inch Bang & Olufsen televisions, mood lighting and there’s even the option of the upholstery being crafted from bullet-proof Japanese Samurai tread leather.

With such wealth prevalent, a simple life vest certainly would not be one’s sole reliance on safety!

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