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The Steps to Take If You’ve Committed a Building Violation

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Literally, anyone can report what they assume to be a building code violation and sometimes there is merit in what they are reporting. Other times, an onlooker will assume that a building is in violation of municipal codes and even though there is nothing to be found upon inspection, you are subjected to a stressful situation, nonetheless. If you’ve committed some kind of building violation, there are steps you can take to rectify the problem. 

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1. Don’t Ignore the Violation

Consider for a moment that you own a home in the Windy City. One of the most frequent building violations deals with porches. However, other building violations do occur during the actual construction phase and you should know right at the outset that this is nothing to play around with. You can be slapped with heavy fines and some of them are petty steep! The first thing to do is understand what you are being cited for and then talk to both the inspector and a licensed contractor, who can help you make the repairs or adjustments needed to be in compliance. Remember, Chicago building violations cannot be ignored!

2. Know Your Rights to Appeal

One of the wonderful things about living in the United States is that you always have a right to appeal. If you feel that the code was not violated and you have expert documentation to that effect, it is your right to appeal any fines or penalties imposed on you. Here you would probably need a good litigator, but you do have that right.

3. Pay Any Penalties Assessed

If you agree that the violations are just, even though you are not happy with them, you need to pay any fines or penalties assessed to you. Those fines will gather compound interest, like any other bill you owe, so pay them as quickly as possible. You don’t want the city to slap a lien on your property, do you? They will if you don’t pay those fines!

4. Hire Licensed Professionals to Fix the Problems

Once it has been determined exactly what those violations are and what is needed to correct them, only hire licensed professionals to do the work. Electrical wiring, for example, always needs to be completed or signed off on by a licensed electrician, so keep that in mind. Only hire reputable licensed workmen.

5. Schedule a Reinspection

Once all the work is complete, it’s time to schedule a reinspection of your property to assure the authorities that you are in compliance. Sometimes contractors will handle the inspection for you and other times it will fall on your shoulders. Don’t ever assume that everything is copasetic because the repairs were made. The inspector who gave you the citation doesn’t know that, and this is where a great many people get in deeper trouble. 

There you have the five most crucial steps to take if you’ve committed a building code violation in Chicago, or anywhere else for that matter. While codes may change from location to location, there are always mandatory codes to comply with. 

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