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The State of New South Wales…Literally

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

The City of Sydney and The State of New South Wales are both projected to grow by huge amounts in the coming years. As Australia’s largest state, and indeed the only one in recession, such growth could perhaps be the state’s saving grace and is certainly a rare bit of good news.

  • 63% of NSW residents live in Sydney.
  • By 2056 the population of Sydney is projected to reach 10 million.
  • The NSW population is projected to increase from 6.82 million in 2006 to 8 million in 2022 and 9 million by 2036.
  • By the year 2036, the NSW population will reach 9 million and there will be 3.7 million households.

  • Sydney’s population is projected to increase from 4.248 million in 2006 to 5.98 million by 2036 (up 40%)
  • The number of households in NSW is projected to increase from 2.65 million in 2006 to 3.72 million by 2036 (up 41%)
  • The number of Sydney households will increase from 1.62 million in 2006 to 2.35 million by 2036 (up 46%)
  • The number of lone person households is projected to increase from 646,500 in 2006 to 1.06 million by 2036 (up 64%)

Simon Turner

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