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The Solar Powered Shower for the Modernist

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends, Eco-Living, Features, Interior Design, Variety

Luxury and excess are often inseperable. To indulge, is to go to go to excess. And often, this can lead to a sense of guilt following the experience.

Well, with luxurious eco-products, there doesn’t have to be the excess of guilt.

Direct from Arkema comes the solar-powered shower. The fitting features a contemporary curved tower on top, and you can position the showerhead as suits you and the thermostat can be set at 30/38° C just to be safe.

And if you’ve been out on the beach, there’s a foot wash that runs cool water at the base.

The product is available in varied shades and can be installed indoors or outside, making it perfect next to the swimming pool.

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