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The rug serves to anchor the living Room – the Experts from Lawrence of La Brea cut the art of picking a living room rug to pieces

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Features, Interior Design, Variety

Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite topic, rugs. For a few months, interior design was the last thing people thought about. But as things have started to settle down, homeowners are getting back to their most loved activity, decorating. The easiest way to change a room’s look is to get a new rug and rearrange the furniture around it. 

Supposing you’re in the market for a new living room rug because you want to spice the interior design, we hope the formulas the experts from Lawrence of La Brea provide you with will help you find the perfect one. 

The biggest mistake you could make is to get a too-small rug. But many others can interfere with the process. So, let’s check the rules, formulas, and no’s you need to consider when shopping around. 

General rules every homeowner should know

  • The average living room sizes are 8’x10′ and 9’x12′.
  • The rug should be 8′ wider than the couch on its both sides. 
  • Place the carpet the length of the sofa. 
  • Allow 30″ to 36″ of a walkway between large items. 
  • Use painter’s tape to measure the size the rug occupies to get a sense of how much it covers. 

All legs on board for large living rooms

If you have a large living room, place all furniture items on the rug. When shopping for one, look for models that give 8″ from the edge of each furniture item to prevent the items looking like children who stay too close to the edge of the subway platform. Don’t go past the 8″ point, no matter what you do. 

The go-to rug position

You may want to opt for the most popular layout worldwide that allows each furniture piece to have its individual space. The front legs of the couch rest on top of the rug. Think this arrangement like the floor is lava game where the rug is the only safe area in the room, and every furniture item wants a spot. Check the best rug shop in LA for carpets that make your living room look spacious and stylish. Don’t forget to measure the area you want to cover before heading to the store.     

Make the amorphous float layout work

You may want to buy a rug in a weird form to fit your awkwardly shaped living room. There are no rules to follow in this case, except that you need to ensure the rug is proportionate to the couch’s size and the majority of furniture items have their front legs on a part of the carpet. 

Extra tips: Last but not least, make sure that whatever shape and model of rug you purchase, you buy a high-quality one that will transition into your other rooms perfectly. We know rugs tend to be expensive, but they are worth the money because they change the look of the space. When designed properly, your rug will help your living room match the vibe of your dream kitchen perfectly.

Do you feel more confident to go rug shopping now?

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