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The Return of the Skylight: And It’s All Thanks To Blinds

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Interior Design, Variety

It would be fair to say that most architectural styles come and go. We’re not talking about whether or not a Georgian style is on the comeback, or if a thatched roof might be coming to a home near you either. What we’re really referring to is the small parts; things like window styles which seem to change by the decade.

Skylights, sometimes referred to as roof windows depending on your location, certainly fall into this category. When they were first released many moons ago, architects around the world jumped on the practice. However, as time progressed, this seemingly obvious way to introduce light into a building soon became plagued with problems.

Skylights and blinds - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
First and foremost, they were utterly inaccessible. How was anybody meant to climb up there and pull down a blind when night fell? Or, what if too much sun was being allowed to pierce through – how could you control these matters? In a word, you couldn’t, and that’s why for a while at least these types of windows became ignored in a lot of new-build properties.

However, we’ve done a full circle. Skylights are back in and there’s one reason and one reason only for this – it’s because of blinds. Back when they first hit our roofs, blinds were quite basic. Now, this is an industry which is hugely developed and has actually allowed architects to thrive again.

The primary reason why they were so problematic initially was because of their location. Even for the fittest readers out there, clambering up to the roof just to pull down the window treatment for the night was simply implausible. Therefore, the emergence of motorized blinds has completely solved the issue – through the touch of a button you can immediately bid goodnight to the outdoors and the main problem is eradicated.

Skylights and blinds - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes 2
However, what about the problems which skylights pose during the day? In the middle of summer, when temperatures are soaring, these windows attract solar rays like there’s no tomorrow. The last thing you need is for the blind to be pulled over, and blocking all natural light out in the process. Fortunately, advancements in the industry have come to the rescue again, with solar shades blocking those hot UV rays out whilst still permitting natural light in. It’s a best of both worlds solution – and your home doesn’t turn into a greenhouse.

We could then move onto the problems that these windows prompted in winter, where all the heat in our homes was allowed to rise and escape straight through them. Through the use of insulated shades this can again be a thing of the past – with these shades also helping to insulate against heat as well. Again, a best of both worlds solution.

As you can see, there’s absolutely no reason why skylights can’t return bigger and better than ever before. Blinds have eradicated all of the problems that used to blight this feature and made them into something that people actually seek in their new house.

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