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Quebec Real Estate: “The Old Red Manor House” at Quebec, Quebec City, CANADA

by Marquette Turner

in International, Luxury Homes

The Oldest Manor House in North America

6 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Parking

Dating from 1608, the stunning and iconic “Old Red Manor” is unequivocally the oldest habitable building on the North American continent.

When Bertrand Chesnay de la Garenne received the Royal Concession in 1652, he found there “a solid ruin with three walls and a large stone fireplace of 5 feet long.” This is the left side of the Manor which contains the master fireplace. In 1764, the French Captain Cazeau added the second level, and the manor remained the property of the Cazeau family until 1940.

Restored in 2005-2006, to the most exacting standards of luxury and caring touch. It is 30 metres in length (96 ft) and 9 metres (30 ft) wide and has two levels, with multiple living, dining and entertaining areas, six generous bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

This property is for sale in two lots.

The first lot, including the manor house, is approximately 2 hectares or 4 acres. The River Cazaux, alive with trout when in season, crosses the land and ambles privately through the property until it reaches a fantastic waterfall. There is also an atomic shelter (25 meters/85 ft in length and 7 metres/23 ft wide). Its structure is one meter of reinforced concrete, two centimetres of steel and three meters of stones, with doors of steel and lead. (asking price $1.6 million USD)

The second lot is approximately 20 meters above the manor and one hectare in size, is separated by a forested cliff. The usage of this lot is protected by law (article 105). Such land is rare given the proximity to the city. (asking price $300,000 USD)

Both lots have helicopter landing authorisation throughout.








The manor is just a few minutes from Quebec City and only minutes from the Royal Golf of Quebec (five minutes), the ski stations (15 minutes), or the historic old town of Quebec (10 minutes). There are three flights per day from Newark Airport, New York, and five from Europe.

Taxes & Charges

Taxes: $3400 USD per annum.

Municipal water: free

Heating and electricity: the property has a 400 amp heat pump

Ethernet/internet (fiber optic): approximately $238 USD per month

More information

Price: $1.9 million USD (currency conversion)

Contact: Michael Marquette

Phone: (Local) 1300 737 778 or (International) +61 433 170 170

Email: michael@marquetteturner.com.au

Images: You can also view the images using  flickr_logo

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